And so the Pandemic goes on …

Even while our government continues to give us back our ‘freedom’, there are still people dying of Covid-19.

The tally is gradually lessening, but there are now hotspots of the virus re-occuring in places where people have gone back to work early, or where they gathered illicitly to have ‘fun’, while everyone else endured, because that was the right thing to do.

Now that the lockdown has started to be eased, many people have  taken that as an invitation to do as they please (mind you, there has been a constant crowd of people who have willfully ignored the lockdown rules, anyway, including various ministers, who should have known better, but thought they were above the rules – including Dominic Cummings, who had made the rules in the first place!).

So, as soon as the weather turned warm enough, there were people flocking to the beaches, and there were also mass parties being held in city parks, as well as private homes, despite the ban on meetings of that sort.

There are still more restrictions here in Wales, and in Scotland, than there are in England, though I’m not sure whether that’s because Wales and Scotland want to seem to be different to England, more than they are looking after their citizens better than England is.

With a Tory government in power, I feel that the rush to get people back in work, and children back to school, despite the warnings given by the World Health Organisation, more to get the economy going, than as a way of looking after those same people – after all, the government need the tax revenue from the working classes, to pay for all their perks, and expenses!

They’re certainly not wanting to keep paying the few workers of Britain, that they deemed worthy enough, the part wages that had been promised to themwhen the pandemic first hit, especially as it would mean supporting the working classes, instead of getting even more money out of them

I think, in everything that has happened since the pandemic started, our present government have shown, beyond a doubt, that they look on the workers of Britain, and especially all of those who work so tirelessly in the NHS (where far, far, too many of them lost their lives needlessly, because the government were too penny-pinching to supply all the PPE needed, as quickly as it was needed, to keep them safe, and protect them as they battled to save the lives of those who were struck down with the virus), that they are just expendable, and easily replaced.

Except, of course, that the pandemic had arrived just as this government pressed the people, through lies, self-serving promises, and disinformation, to vote on whether to stay in the EU, or to leave!

Everyone knows, who has lived through that awful time, just how unwelcoming a certain type of Briton has made those visitors from the EU, ever since then – as so many of our friends have left these shores, sickened by the hate and vitriol shown to them – a hatred fired up, and driven by, the right-wing media, who have served this government so well in spreading lies and disinformation whenever it was needed by them – but this virus, coming as it did so soon after all of this, has inshown us all just how reliant we all are on the thousands of NHS workers who come from the EU, and so many other places in the world, to keep our NHS going.

I wonder how many people who voted to leave, because of an inbuilt xenophobia, or because they were whipped up in a frenzy of false patriotism by this government and their media friends, have been relying on those same people they seem to despise, to keep the NHS going, or to clean up after elderly parents in care homes – for a pittance in wages , too?

And, the terrible truth of all of this, is that those same despised peoples have been losing their lives, alongside those very same elderly people they were looking after – because this government, and their party, have been bleeding the NHS of its resources ever since they got into power, over 10 years ago, and were the authors of the Leave campaign, purely because rules are coming into effect in the EU, very soon, that would have curbed their illicit playing of the stock market, and the depositing of the wealth created by this, into overseas tax havens, thus taking away money made in this country, but preventing any tax being paid on that wealth.

But, no matter what happens next with the pandemic, I really feel that this government, and their Party, who have been the root cause of so much needless suffering and death since they got into power, will walk away from this devastating mess they caused, and the people of the UK will let them – after all, despite being shown, time after time, that the Tories will lie as much as they can get away with, the people of the UK seem quite happy to allow them to get away with mass murder!


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