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Two down, and one to go . . .

 . . . and then I will have finished the three projects I started last week 🙂

I finished the second Turtle Pincushion – the one I promised to my good friend, who saw the first and fell in love with it, and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. I had decided to make this one slightly different from the last, which it was, as I used a different green yarn, as I’d finished up the last of my Red Heart Yarn on the previous Turtle – but I also sewed on a free-hand pattern to resemble the markings on a turtle’s shell – it might not be anatomically correct, but it gives the idea 🙂

I’ve taken a couple of pics, although they’re not as sharp as usual, but it’ll give you an idea of how it looks:

I’m very happy with this one, so won’t mind handing it over to it’s new owner soon 🙂
My second project, a coiled cushion for our 17-year-old Terrier, Fred Barker, was completed today. It’s the first time I’ve attempted to do something like this and, although it was extremely awkward to do, I’m happy with the result – as is our Fred 🙂
I used up all those bits and pieces that tend to get left after a project is finished – mainly the multi-coloured, or striped yarn, that wasn’t long enough to make anything else with, and I doubled it up with a plain light lavender yarn I have plenty of, to give strength to the cushion. 
It is all washable on a low heat, but we’re using a cover over it to save the wear and tear 🙂 
I made the front section a little lower in the main outer ring, so that Fred doesn’t have to stretch to get in it, bless him. He’s got arthritis in his back legs, and they’re very stiff because of it, so we do what we can to ease things for him 🙂 
But I know that Fred loves it, as he hasn’t stirred since we put it down for him, so we’re all happy 🙂
My third project, The Crochet Crowd May Challenge, is only really just begun. I’ve done 11 rows of the Ocean Wave Throw, and there are still around 69-70 more to go but, as the challenge only officially starts tomorrow, I’m not worried about finishing it in time 🙂

In the meantime, as I don’t enjoy just working on one project at a time, I’m going to be making a much smaller cushion for our cat, Kushka, to lie on, and I’ll also probably have a go at one or two of the other pincushion patterns I’ve got. It will keep me occupied, and out of trouble, so I’m sure it’ll all get done soon enough 🙂

Keep on crocheting 🙂

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