Argument and Penitence

Shauna wriggled uncomfortably on the wooden bench, wishing that Jane had chosen somewhere more comfortable to meet. Her reluctance at being there had little to do with the cold weather, or the easterly wind making her ears feel frozen.

‘I’m glad that you came, Shauna,’ Jane said to her quietly. Shauna could see Jane was trying to look her in the eye, but avoided it by looking down.

‘Of course I would come,’ Shauna said in embarrassment, ‘ I was wrong to call you names right in the middle of the party, and I know swearing at you didn’t help. I just can’t apologise enough for that, but especially for attacking you as I did!’

Shauna could feel colour well up from the scarf at her neck, and she looked up to see Jane watching her with interest, as her face turned a mottled red. So that was what a blush felt like!

‘I know my behaviour was awful, but my only excuse is that I’d had one too many to drink, and your comment just caught me on the raw.’

Shauna felt the flush of blood start to recede from her face, but it didn’t distract her from her feelings of embarrassment at the treatment she had meted out – and to her own sister!

‘I was only trying to save you embarrassment, by letting you know about the rip in your dress. It wasn’t me who caused it, it was that klutz, Andy. Then all the thanks I got was foul-mouthed ranting, and a black eye!’ Jane stated.

Shauna’s head came up, and she looked Jane straight in her puffy and blackened eye. She could feel the tears gathering, and felt the first one drop from her lashes and on to her cheek. Penitence just wasn’t enough.

(299 words)

Written 22/11/2008.

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