I am in my late 50’s now [gulp!], and was married to the most darling man in the world. Unfortunately, he died on March 1st, 2018, and took away every bit of happiness I’d managed to have in my life.

But I am so fortunate to  have an amazing daughter, who flies around the world working as a Pyrotechnic, and occasional Stilt-Walker, and so I can keep on living, knowing that my hubby lives through her, too.

I am a crochet addict, and a complete bookworm.

Due to severe health problems, I’m almost 100% house-bound, and so spend some of my time – when not inadvertently sleeping – by crocheting, reading, or chatting online to the many friends I have made all over the world 🙂

I can never have too many friends, and delight in making new ones, wherever they may be 🙂

Due to those health problems, my posting is never as regular as I’d like it to be, so I hope you’ll all be patient with me? 🙂


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