The Unicorn

I saw you through the forest, as you stood in dappled sunshine,

And my heart beat so much faster, hurtling quickly to my throat.

I wished that I could see you, when you moved along the woodland,

And I followed quickly onwards, choosing fate to guide my path.

I had travelled dusty footpaths in a dazed and dizzy state,

And was trying very hard to keep you fully in my sight.

I paced along the pathway; saw your coat gleam pure-white glory,

And came at last, as darkness fell, to a clearing in the trees.

I slowly walked into that place, all sure, and with serenity,

And once I got there, only you saw the love I had in me.

I see you now – as I saw you then – the sum of all my world,

And fell in love with a Unicorn, the finest steed on earth.

Written 19/01/2009.

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