Alpha and Omega


I gaze with doting eye upon your face –

your life, begun today, is something new.

Your starfish hand that moves with such sweet grace,

Your rosebud mouth pursed tight in silent mewls.

In years gone by, so little did I know

of how my world would change because of you,

I touch a tender finger to your brow,

and feel that surge of love fill me anew.

With every second that I hold you near,

I think of all the good things soon to come –

first smile, first laugh, and your first shed tear,

and of the bright new life you have begun.

So, child of mine, I bid you welcome here –

To love, and life, and changes I hold dear.


I turn my head and look at him in grief,

A world of sorrow sitting in my eyes.

My tears, that stream down ashen cheeks

are eloquent of my deep surprise.

He was gone, so quickly to my eyes,

 for me, this was too soon a change.

And, helpless, I hold a shaking hand

to the one I lost – my one true friend.

I stare at nothing in the fire

that warms and lights my empty face,

My lips move slowly now in prayer –

in dedication to a man of grace.

I sit, with stillness, at his side –

my grief for ever held inside.

Written 13/12/2006. Published in, 2013.

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