Dream House

As Sarah stood silently in the small group of people, her attention was only partially on the guide who was lovingly telling the story of Neolithic miners. It had been a great idea to visit Grimes Graves again after all these years, but she didn’t feel she could give it the attention it deserved now.

Although her concentration was divided, the cramped, gloomy atmosphere still affected her somewhat, and it darkened her mood slightly. Her dream house! She hadn’t known when she woke that morning that she’d have had such brilliant news, and the phone call from the agents, telling her the sellers had agreed a price had been amazing – but she worried now that she’d be able to cope with all the details involved!

As she became aware of her surroundings again, Sarah looked with new eyes on all she could see. This place where her ancestors had dug so deeply for the jet black ‘floorstone’ flint so badly needed for tools, was a testament to endurance and determination. She was amazed that so many pits had been dug, considering the miners had only the use of antlers as a tool.

This thought sparked a feeling of determination in her – if her ancestors could perform minor miracles like this, then surely she could manage the more trivial act of buying the house she had dreamed of for years! With a sense of determination, Sarah put it all to the back of her mind, and concentrated on the guide once more.


(252 words)


Written 11/11/2008.

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