The Wretched, or Les Misérables

Today we want to tell the truth,

a truth that you want quickly buried.

Your treatment of us is no good,

as if we have no rights or merit.

The poor, the sick, the troubled minds,

are blamed for all this country’s problems.

We have to live a life of shame,

because we need a means to live by.

We didn’t bring our illness on,

and yet we’re blamed as if we did do.

We want to live without this shame,

but how can we with all your false truths?

Why is it not for us to say,

what needs we have, and how to meet them?

Why do you say things every day,

as if you have the right to do so?

We want to know what we’ve done wrong,

to have such vile and hurtful things said?

Why could the state not be more strong,

and blame the ones that really did this?

You need to change what you have done –

a country’s strength is in it’s people.

The poor, the sick, the troubled minds,

have not deserved this wrongful treatment.

The way we live needs turning round,

so we don’t need to fear tomorrow.

We need to stand on solid ground,

and not be blamed for what the banks do!

(Can be sung with the music of ‘I dreamed a dream’)


Written 22/01/2012. Published on Facebook, and in, 2013.

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