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RaggaRory’s First Festival . . .

Not content with a simple train ride from Wales to Bristol, RaggaRory has now been to his very first Festival 🙂

Brex took him with her when she went to the Secret Garden Party Festival and, while they were travelling there, Ragga made his very first friend – an Australian pink pig!


It’s so nice to meat – oops – I mean, meet you!

Once they got to the festival, Ragga lost little time in making some more friends – and making himself right at home, too . . . 



RaggaRory getting his first taste of Buckfast!



A good time was had by all 🙂

But, not having drunk alcohol before, Ragga got a bit carried away and, while all of his human friends went off to do their performance, he invited all of his new friends around for a drink and something to eat . . .

He didn’t think they’d miss the 3 bottles of Buckfast, and the chicken pieces the humans were saving for their supper . . .


He didn’t get into any trouble, though because, unknown to Brex, Ragga had made his very own groupie, who swore to protect him with her life . . . 


Becca swore she’d save all of her chums!

So, it’s nice to know that Ragga’s first festival has turned out to be a roaring success – though I’m a bit worried that I’ve not seen pink piggy since that first photo . . . it was chicken they were eating – wasn’t it?

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Lion has got a Name :)

My daughter has found out Lion’s name at last!

Apparently it’s RaggaRory 🙂

Welcome to our world of fun and madness, RaggaRory 🙂

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The Lion’s First Trip . . .


Lion enjoying his first train ride 🙂

I got an email from my daughter, just after she got back home from her visit here, but I’ve only just got around to doing something with it, as I’ve been really busy with my crocheting yet again 🙂

Brex sent me a couple of photos of Lion, enjoying his very first train ride.

As Brex is still away, I still don’t know what Lion’s new name is but, as soon as she tells me, I’ll let you know 🙂

Until then, here he is, having a great time on the train from Carmarthen to Bristol 🙂


Lion enjoying his first meal 🙂


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Here, and Gone Again . . .

 Well, my daughter swooped in on our lives, rather like a whirling dervish, and spent a couple of days turning our, rather staid, lives upside down 🙂

The house is dreadfully quiet now that she’s gone again . . .  😦

But, while she was here, we managed to catch up on all the news, and I gave her all the things that I’d been crocheting for her, such as bikini tops to wear in the desert when she goes to Burning Man, and a cool head wrap designed by Clare, of bobwilson123 fame (Link below), which is just about big enough to fit all of her dreads in 🙂 

The major thing I made for her, though, was a crocheted Lion, made from a free pattern I’d found on Ravelry (Link below). Unlike the pattern, I cut the fur short, as I didn’t want a shaggy-looking Lion, I also used a pair of safety eyes, and a nose, instead of embroidering these, as it was going to an adult, rather than a child, and I also made a vest and leg-warmers for him, sewing – rather shakily – my daughter’s name, and the name of her newly started business on the vest 🙂

I actually finished the whole thing around 2 minutes before she stepped through the door, and the look on her face when she realised he was for her was priceless – I am such a fortunate mum, to have as loving a daughter as I have! 🙂  

Anyway, after a lot of daft suggestions for names, that came mainly from hubby – and anyone knowing him at all will realise just how daft that can be – Brex decided that she’d leave his naming for when she takes him to her next festival gig, as she’s sure she’ll discover it by then 🙂

Here’s some of the pics that Brex took of her newest companion – his muzzle looks a little skewed in the pics, but it isn’t in reality:

In a way, it was such a relief to finish the lion – it had taken around 4 days to crochet the parts, stuff them, then sew it all together, but it then took a further 3 weeks to add all the fur, one strand at a time – if I ever want to take up rug making, then I’ve had all the practice I need with this! 🙂

To be fair, if my hands were a little more flexible, and without the arthritis, I probably could have done it in a fraction of the time, but they aren’t, so it did :/

Yesterday, as a bit of light relief, I started the summer’s Crochet Crowd project – a blanket/afghan/throw, made with another of Red Heart’s wonderful patterns. This pattern is the ‘Juicy Fruits and Whipped Crème Throw’ (Link below), and Mikey, one of the leaders of The Crochet Crowd, has given us until September 2nd to make it. He also gave us a choice in which size we wished it made, which is great for me, and is a super thing for him to do for us all, as he did all the math himself to ensure we had the choice, and that it would come out in the right size! 🙂

Because of all this, I can now ‘kill two birds with one stone‘, as the saying goes, and crochet the pattern into a baby blanket size, as I’ve three of them to make for various family and friends, who are due babies from September through to December time.

The original colours in the pattern are lovely but, as the baby I’m making this for is a boy, I chose instead to use a variety of colours from the Red Heart Super Saver line, such as Blue Windsor, Amethyst, Light Periwinkle, and Real Teal. I’ve also used a beautiful turquoise, made by the Robin DK brand, as I didn’t have this shade in the Red Heart. The colours go beautifully together and, as the baby’s mum loves Dolphins, I’m going to crochet some as appliques, and sew them onto what looks like a jewelled sea 🙂 

When I’ve made it, I’ll post a pic on here to show you how it turned out 🙂

P.S: For anyone who loves to crochet, and who enjoys chatting to others about it, The Crochet Crowd (Link below) is the perfect place to go. There are free patterns galore to try out and Mikey, who is one of the three who run the whole show, has made some amazing tutorials, to suit anybody – from those who are beginners, to the really advanced ‘Hooker’, as we all call ourselves 🙂

Mesh Head Wrap Crochet Tutorial:

Lion Pattern:

Juicy Fruits and Whipped Crème Throw:

The Crochet Crowd:

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A Short, But Sweet, Visit . . .

Like the whirlwind we often refer her to, our daughter has been, and gone, in a seeming flash!

We knew it was only going to be for a couple of days, but they flew past far too quickly for our liking – but at least we know she’ll be here with us in early October, as she’ll be coming for at least a week, for our 30th wedding anniversary 🙂

By then, she’ll have had all her yearly festivals out of the way, and we’ll be able to spend some really quality time with her, catching up on all her doings and, no doubt, looking through the many photos she loves to take of anything, and everything, to do with her life as a Stilt-Walking Pyrotechnic 🙂

In late August, she’ll be travelling to the USA, where she’ll be taking part in The Burning Man Festival, in Nevada, where she’ll be joining in with yet another great performance, created by The UK Fireworks Collective. Her visit last year was a fantastic start to her professional life as a performer and, having seen the practice video of this year’s performance, it’s going to be even better than last year 🙂

I mentioned in my last post that I’d created a mascot for her and, thankfully, she absolutely loved it! I crocheted her a Lion, and dressed him in a fancy vest, and legwarmers, with Brex’s name, and the name of her new company, The Gutter Stars Collective, on the vest.

It had actually taken me 3 weeks to complete the Lion, only finishing it mere minutes before Brex arrived on her visit. The actual body only took me around 4 days to crochet, stuff, and assemble, but the rest of the time was taken up with creating his fur – If I ever want to take up rag-rugging, I think I made a good start with this! 🙂

Brex took a few pics of her new friend (she hasn’t decided on a name yet – she reckons she’ll know what it is by the time she’s finished her next gig!), so here he is in all his glory:








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A Project completed . . .

After three weeks of, rather intense, work, I’ve finally finished the mascot I’ve been making for my daughter!

As she’s coming home today, to stay for a couple of days before her busy life sucks her back into it’s mad whirl, I will present said mascot, and really hope she’ll love him – as I have put all of my love into every single stitch, and the many hours it has taken me to complete him.

I know just how fortunate I am in having such a loving, responsive daughter, and the few, brief, times each year that we spend together can be rather intense, as we chatter to each other, and have ‘family hugs’ as much as possible, to stave us over the parted times.

When I was in my teens, I was told in no uncertain terms, that I would never bear a child. Three months after I married my darling Bob, I fell pregnant! To look at our daughter’s tiny face the moment she was born, was such a miracle to me, and I have felt this way for all of the nearly 29 years she has been on this earth.

Our miracle child has grown up to be an amazing woman – a bundle of energy – who has many adopted-by-love brothers and sisters all over the world. Whether her reaching out is part of being an only child, or something intrinsically loving in her heart, I’m not absolutely positive about, but her heart is so big, I feel she would encompass the whole world in it, if she could 🙂

We are so proud of our stilt-walking, fire-performing girl, and are looking forward to her arrival later on today – and our precious couple of days together 🙂


Stilt-walking Water lily!


Practising for Boomtown.

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It’s Oh, So Quiet . . . .

I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 4 weeks since I posted anything!

Despite the lack of this, I have actually been about as busy as I can be, health permitting – and it’s all things that I’m crafting for my daughter, either as presents for her, or for her friends, and so I’m unable to post anything on here, in case she sees what she shouldn’t – well, until she comes here for a visit and sees the stuff for herself, anyway 🙂

I’ve finished the majority of the little bits & bobs I was doing for her, and have been concentrating for quite a few days – with even more of them to come before I finish – on one particular present for my daughter, but it’s a surprise for her, so all I can say is ‘Mascot’, and that’s all I am saying! Lol

I’ve been looking through all my girl’s latest photos – she’s a keen picture taker and, as she’s working at every major festival this year, she’s had plenty of subjects to photograph. As I can’t be there with her, it’s lovely to see the fun she has been having, despite all the hard work 🙂I spoke to her last night on Facebook, and I found out she’s going to be going back to the Burning Man Festival, with the Firework Collective, this year! Excitement! 🙂

As I can’t put up any pics of my work, I thought I’d share a few pics of my very hardworking girl. They’re not in any particular order. 🙂

Brex with Slamboree, Eden Festival

Brex with Pyro Celtica, Eden Festival
Brex on Fyre!

Brex with Ashley Dawn Clarke, Glastonbury

Brex chillin’ at Beatherder

Hear Brex Roooaaar


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