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My 08 Results Are In!

Well, I got my 08 results!
I got a healthy 61% – which was a lot more than I thought I’d get, quite frankly. :~D
As soon as I’d got it out of the way, I did some revision for the 09 ‘e**m’, then took the bull by the horns and went ahead and did it! (gulp)
The only problem with that, is that it won’t be until December that I learn whether I passed or not. :~((
In the meantime, I’m twirling my thumbs, waiting for my winter 10-pointer to start (ho-hum).
One thing about the new course (A172: Writing Essays), is that my daughter has signed up to do it as well, so we can be study-buddies. I only think it fair that she get the OU study bug, as it was she who had persauded me to start with the OU in the first place!
Well, on with my Bible Study work – at least that never runs out! lol

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