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If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet. Taxman! Beatles 1966

If I took all the time in the world, I wouldn’t have come up with a better, more clearer, explaination of the way that money works in our society – and especially in these years of so-called Austerity!

Read the folloing post, and you’ll realise just how much of a scam the Tories have been pulling on us all, for far too many years!

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


I very much doubt that I have this buttoned up yet, but this is a start.

In striving to understand how the economy really works as against the ridiculous fairy stories we are told to dutifully swallow, I have had to give up some cherished sacred cows which are tied in with my outrage against a government which is causing so many people hideous pain and suffering and driving many to their deaths.

When Theresa May stood up in PMQs, facing Jeremy Corbyn, and brayed that he’s, ‘waiting to bankrupt our country’, knowing that the Tories have created more government debt than all of Labour throughout its history, I want to be outraged at her egregious lies and to point out that George Osborne doubled the debt whilst promising and dismally failing to pay it down.

I have written about the great puzzle of the national debt, and asked where…

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The state is our enemy

I have only just come across the Blog that the following words to my introduction comes from, but these words, so much more eloquent than my own, speak the truth of our country today.
If we give in, and let this war-mongering, power-stealing government continue on the road it is travelling down, then we’ll have no-one to blame, except ourselves, when anarchy erupts onto the streets of our cities.
There have been almost 4 decades of rule by right-wing millionaires, and billionaires, who have stolen everything worth keeping in the UK, who have privatised everything that we paid for with our own taxes, and who tell us ‘tough luck’, when we lose our jobs, and demand the support our grandparents, parents, and we, ourselves, paid in to, in case of need – and they change the wordings of our safety net, into ‘benefits’, as if it were from their own largesse that they are paying us from – another kind of theft – instead of from what we have already contributed to, and which is our right under law – until they change the laws, of course!
But everything that we took so long to build up – our NHS, our Social Care, our Police Force, our Justice System, our Fire Brigade, our free school systems, naming but a few – all of this is busilly being sold off to the lowest bidder as I write this.
Grenfell Towers is only the latest atrocity caused by our government’s lack of humanity, lack of compassion, lack of forward thinking, and if something doesn’t change, and very soon, I dread to think what will happen next!

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


The system is broken, and by that I do not mean accidentally, oops how careless of me, broken, I mean wilfully and deliberately broken.

I have lived my life with mental ill health and what I described as ‘social phobia’ years before any such description existed. Doctors told me I was agoraphobic, which then and now I refuse to accept, I am not afraid of open spaces, of the great outdoors, I am afraid of our system of inhuman society. What my mind and body has been telling me from a very young age was that there was and is something wrong with human society. I am not sick, or mentally deficient, my mind and body were accurately responding to a system that was and is exploitative and broken.

It is broken for many, if not most, ordinary people by design.

We are dangled a carrot of work for rewards…

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Video: at last blairite admits what we all knew – they wanted #GE17 to go badly

How dare Johnson – clearly a traitor to the working classes – call the members of the Labour Party a ‘narrow, secterian left, that is intollerant of others views’.
The Labour Party is made up from people in every walk of life, but the one thing we all have in common, is the dream that Jeremy Corbyn brought to us, that we, as a country, could be united by a common cause!
There has been the same constant cry from the Blairites (who are the newbies in the Labour Party, whether they acknowledge that, or not) that life isn’t fair, because we have rejected their Tory ways, and have gone back to the grass roots, to the way that Labour began – where we all have an equal say in how this party is run, and an equal share in the responsibilities of running it.
We don’t do this for power and wealth, like the Blairites do, we do it For the Many, not the Few!


It’s long been believed by many Corbyn supporters that the right wing of the party wanted Labour to fail badly in the General Election under Jeremy Corbyn – and by almost as many that they were doing their best to make it happen.

How better to explain the constant briefings and whinings to press and broadcasters about unelectability, the manufactured misogyny smear (and worse), the damaging interventions by New Labour dinosaurs no longer in Parliament and the attempts by right-leaning HQ staff to undermine Corbyn and weed out his supporters? Hard to think of a better explanation that fits the facts.

‘The truth will out’, as the saying goes – and former New Labour front-bencher slipped up and let it escape his lips during a television interview.

Asked whether he was disappointed by Labour’s surge in the General Election because it spoiled the chance of getting rid of Corbyn, Johnson…

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#Moderates threaten to trigger by-elections. Oh do. Please do

I would really love to see a Labour Party without all the Blairite dead wood, so if they want to keep threatening to leave, I really, really hope they’ll act on their own words!


According to the Times, laughably-termed ‘moderates’ in the Labour Party are threatening an ‘exodus’ of what are supposed to be ‘potentially damaging by-elections’. Here’s how the Times announced it on Twitter:

times exodus tweetAnd in the article:

times exodusAccording to the Times, a group of mostly worn-out old ‘moderates’ are ready to step down to trigger by-elections they hope will punish Labour members for wanting to remove some of their bright (seriously) young allies via that dread word, ‘deselection’:

The insider said: “Any attempt by the hard left to increase their stranglehold over the party will backfire. There are a number of older MPs who are serving their last term and were planning to stand down before the snap general election who would be prepared to go, triggering by-elections. In marginal seats, that could be particularly damaging to the leadership.”

This is most likely either right-wing posturing or Murdoch stirring. But if it’s…

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Soft-Spoken Aristo Thug Jacob Rees-Mogg Joins Boris as Latest Tory Celebrity

This is another Tory Nasty to be keeping an eye on!

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

On Friday, Mike also put up a piece commenting on how Jacob Rees-Mogg, the son of William Rees-Mogg, the former Times and Independent journalist, has developed a cult following. Apparently he has his own fan group, dubbed Moggmentum in imitation of Corbyn’s greater and far better supporter’s group. Mike also supports his comments with a couple of Tweets from fans, who rave about how he has ‘class’, is better than ‘left-liberal misfits who would ruin the country’, and how ‘England needs him’.

As Mike then goes on to show, Jacob Rees-Mogg is the kind of right-wing politico Britain really doesn’t need. He is, of course, Eton-educated, and as his voting record shows, he believes in punishing the poor simply for being poor, while also demanding that Tory Toffs like himself get generous state handouts to retain their position of power.

In a long list of the policies favoured by the…

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BBC Claims of Impartiality Shattered as Another Newsman Joins May’s Campaign Team

It’s about time something was done about the lack of impartiality with the BBC. I don’t pay my TV Licence just for them to use the money to tear into Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party – and nor do I pay it to listen to them lie through their teeth about him! 😦

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

The Beeb constantly answers any criticism that it is biased towards the Tories by repeating its claim that it’s impartial, bound by its official charter and so on. Anyone writing to the Corporation to complain about its egregious bias, such as against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour, as shown in its coverage of the last general election and the barrage of lies and sneers long before by Laura Kuenssberg, John Pienaar et al are given this standard reply. The Beeb, you are sanctimoniously and haughtily told, is above suspicion, so you should go away and mind your own business.

Mike, as he reminds us, received one of these letters when he complained about the Beeb’s bias. So have many of his commenters, after they complained. Buddy Hell, over at Guy Debord’s Cat, got a similarly sniff missive from the Corporation when he did.

But the bias is real. Researchers at…

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Not one day more: Tory councillor suspended for sneering racism and vindictive Tory anti-welfarism

The fact that the Tories continue to spout deliberate lies about Labour Party members, while also spouting a terrible invective towards those who are of another race, creed, or colour to the majority of them, or are poor, elderly, unemployed, disabled or chronically ill, says far more about their real feelings about us all, than any lie they continuously bring forth for the camera!
The sooner the tory-voting working man and woman realises this, the quicker we’ll be able to be rid of them, and their Neoliberal, austerity-driven policies that have already killed tens of thousands of people since they came to power in 2010!

Like Jeremy Corbn, I’ve always loved the poem ‘The Masque of Anarchy’ written by Shelley, in response to the Peterloo Massacre. When he quoted that last stanza, I could have cried, as it is still so apt for us now, even though those deaths today are so very many more, and mostly hidden away:

“Rise like lions after slumber,
in unvanquishable number!
Shake your chains to earth like dew,
which in sleep had fallen on you:
ye are many – they are few!”

Politics and Insights

Rosemary Carroll

Councillor Rosemary Carroll

A Conservative councillor has been suspended for her sneering racism and despicable prejudice regarding welfare claimants. Some media outlets have described the comments as a “joke”. It wasn’t.

Rosemary Carroll, a Conservative councillor, shared a post about a man asking for benefits for his pet dog, making offensive rascist comparisons.

She was Mayor of Pendle until last month but was suspended from her party after the post appeared on her account this week.

The local Conservative branch posted a statement about the “inappropriate post” on Facebook after the allegations came to light.

Councillor Joe Cooney, leader of the Conservatives on Pendle Council, said Councillor Rosemary Carroll was suspended pending an investigation.

The comments, which have now been deleted, compared an Asian person claiming support to a dog. 

Speaking before the suspension was confirmed, Carroll said she had meant to delete the post but ended up publishing it…

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