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My Review of 'Regina's Song' by David and Leigh Eddings

Regina’s Song by David Eddings

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I started this book, not really wanting to, as I’d just finished ‘The Losers/High Hunt’ by the same authors and, while entertained, wouldn’t be reading them again, but, as is my rule, if I own a book, I should read said book – if only the once!

While I enjoyed Regina’s Song, there were aspects to it that really niggled as I read it:

Although set in the 90’s, the dialogue, and social behaviour, of the characters seemed more fit for something from the 50’s, with that same moral, and social, compass (and it really made me curse when the work in the house was so neatly divided – as was the house itself – into ‘boy’ territory and ‘girl’ territory, too! Grrrrr

Although I found the plot fairly gripping in places, it was obvious to me, fairly quickly, that it was the twin who was the killer – and why.

I also found the constant use of literary language to be soooooo pretentious – especially in the use of first person narrative, the frequent descriptions of the narrator’s view of the literary greats, and with the use of musical terms when naming the chapter titles – yes, it’s called ‘Regina’s Song’ – so, ‘aren’t I the clever one to use those terms as chapter titles?’ 😦

Like I said – pretentious!

We are meant to assume, I suppose that, because our authors are well read, have a taste for classical music, and can reference so many of the greats in literature, then this book must be in line with the classics – sorry, but no! It just gave me the uncomfortable feeling of it being out of it’s time – as if, like the twins in the story, two seperate books had been forced into one!

That was a good plot twist there, and it got me hooked for a while but, like the previous two fiction books I’ve read from the Eddings team, the ending just felt too pat, and too contrived, for my comfort, or taste.

The sad thing is, that I love the Belgariad, Malloreon, Elenium & Tamuli books (they are like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers, after you’ve been on your feet, in heels, all day), to the point where I’ll re-read them every few years or so – but I just can’t get my head around the fictional books that were produced both before, and after, them 😦

So, this is another book that’ll be going to the charity shop, rather than staying on my shelves!

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Yet ANOTHER leading hard Brexiter buys EU citizenship for himself and his family

When the rich and powerful dictate our lives for us – but make sure they’re going to be okay! 😦

Pride's Purge

Billionaire Christopher Chandler is the founder and the main backer of the Legatum Institute Foundation which has been advising Theresa May on the Brexit negotiations and has been pushing May and her government for the hardest of hard Brexits:

How Theresa May is being ‘shepherded’ to a hard Brexit by a multibillionaire Dubai-based New Zealand fund manager

So it’s somewhat of a surprise to discover that Chandler has just arranged to buy EU citizenship for himself and his family under Malta’s citizenship by investment scheme, under which wealthy individuals can obtain an EU passport, and the right to work, live and reside in EU member states:


Malta grants EU citizenship to Legatum backer

Brexit billionaire Christopher Chandler obtains EU passport through Malta

Brexit is for the plebs only it seems …



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While Amber Rudd is Elsewhere Universal Credit Crisis Continues.

. . .and the Universal C redit Crisis continues!
Unfortunately, it’s the claimant who pays forit all, not the Government who introduced this evil so-called reform! 😦

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Image result for universal credit
Public interest in Universal Credit has not dampened down.
Though  Amber Rudd has does not pay much attention.
A steady drip of really bad stories continues.
This site would like to hear from people on the issues around the  Universal Credit Job Search and the Journal.
We were told, or least got the impression,  that the transfer of millions of people already on benefits to UC  was being halted.
Or rather,

Ms Rudd will delay asking MPs to approve the transfer of three million benefit claimants to UC, and instead plans to move just 10,000 onto the system this summer as part of a trial to study its effectiveness.

Independent. 11th of January.

Other important changes include pressing ahead with a pilot to support 10,000 people from ‘legacy benefits’ on to Universal Credit in a test and learn approach.

There remains this:

What is natural migration

‘Migration’ is…

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‘Disabled People in Wales’ by Rhian Davies (Disability Wales)

Not surprisingly, these figures don’t shock me – or anybody else, like me’ who have health problems and live here in Wales 😦

Nathan Lee Davies

Below I have shared a series of facts and figures that have been put together by Rhian Davies of Disability Wales, who I was lucky enough to hear speaking at the UNCRPD report launch in Parliament last week.

I was really  impressed by her speech which included loads of statistics that I thought would be useful for composing Tweets. She has kindly agreed to allow me to publish the following on my blog to publicise the depth of the problems facing disabled people in Wales.

I would like to express my thanks to Rhian and everyone at Disability Wales for their ongoing support.


If you are active on Twitter, please feel free to adapt any of the information below to compose Tweets.

Disabled People in Wales 

  • Disabled people comprise 26% of the Welsh population, higher than any other nation or region in the UK (ONS Family Resources Survey…

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Camden Momentum’s rebuke to national re smear response: “with every scalp taken, a new target will soon loom into view” . . .

As a Momentum member, I’m in full agreement with the Camden branch, with their letter to the officer group of the NCG.

The NCG’s behaviour towards Peter Willsman is, firstly, as the letter states, ‘a craven betrayal of Willsman, whose long years of service to the movement should not have been cast aside so crassly’. It is also a betrayal of the Corbyn-led Labour Party’s fight to get democracy back into politics, and of everything we at the grassroots are trying to fight against!

This is something that the NCG will have to deal with quickly, if they are not to lose many more of the members who signed up with them – as I did – in the hopes that Momentum would be 100% behind the new Labour Party ideals, that Jeremy Corbyn so very well represents.

I just hope they buck up, and start listening to the people who put them into their positions in the first place, as now is definitely NOT the time to hold back from the fight against all the bogus smears of anti-semitism that the Right have kept throwing at Jeremy Corbyn – and anybody else who supports him – in their increasingly desperate efforts to get rid of a man they know will be the death to all their hopes of keeping the gravy train going!

The mud the Right keep throwing at everyone not in their playpen, is just a diversion that fools nobody any more, but they keep on throwing it anyway, in the hopes that it will somehow stick – I guess somebody will have to tell them soon that it isn’t working!

But the NCG really do need to get onboard with the ideals we are all fighting for, as I’m afraid it’s fairly obvious that their hopes of nobody noticing their sheer lack of any kind of support for our policies are in vain!

Here’s a link to the Skwawkbox post, showing the letter sent:

Camden Momentum’s rebuke to the NCG re smear response . . .

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DWP sneaks out news of humiliating climbdown on mental health PIP payments . . .

mcvey f
DWP Secretary Esther McVey

The government has compounded its humiliation over a huge climb-down concerning PIP (Personal Independence Payments) to people with mental health issues – by trying to hide it.

Just a week or so into her new job as DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions) Secretary, Esther McVey had to announce that she would be ending the government’s attempts to overturn a court decision that denying or reducing PIP to those who suffer ‘severe psychological distress’ when travelling alone is ‘blatantly discriminatory’.

But she did so in a written statement issued after parliament had finished sitting for the week.

Please click the link below to read the whole story on Sqwawkbox:

DWP Climbdown on PIP . . .




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Tory minister shouted down as ‘liar’ – by Tory-heartland #BBCQT audience

BBC Question Time audiences are regarded by many as regularly dominated by right-wingers. So Tory minister Margot James could be forgiven if she expected an easy ride on Thursday night’s programme, broadcast from Tory heartland Hereford.

If so, she will have received a shock.

To read the rest, please click on the link below:

Tory Minister shouted down @ BBC Question Time, by an audience in Tory Heartland . . .

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