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Raincoat. Age. Die. A guest post by Hubert Huzzah

Politics and Insights

HubertIn 2008 there were 700,000 people with dementia in the UK. That number is rising rapidly and is projected to be over 1 million by 2025. One in three people over 65 will end their lives with a form of dementia. In 2008 there were 580,000 people with dementia needing Carers in England.

Not all Dementia Sufferers are home owners. For the age group most likely to suffer Dementia 71.6% (45-75+) of the population do own their own home. The average home is worth £215,847 at 2017 prices. So, of the one million people with dementia by 2025, 716,000 will be sitting on assets worth a total of £154Bn.

Imagine being able to take ownership of £154Bn of assets simply by waiting ten years. That is the Dementia Tax. By 2027 those who are currently suffering from even mild dementia symptoms will have to pay for care as the value…

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Hello hello hello hellooooooooooooo – is there anybody out there? 

I couldn’t have said it better myself!


Caution – this article includes a swear word – repeatedly.

Who the fuck is voting Tory?

Can anybody tell me? I see the supportive news reports, the Tory newspapers, the Theresa May rallies, I see the Tory manifesto launch, the opinion polls putting the Tories in front. And yet I also see the leaders debate where she isn’t there, I see thousands of people cheering on Jeremy Corbyn, I see the popularity of Nicola Sturgeon as she travels around Scotland, I see the meanness of the Tory Policies – take take take with nothing given back except some worn out idea of taking back control – something that wasn’t lost in the first place; I see the WASPI women, I see the foodbanks, I see the nonsensical immigration reports, I see the outraged response to I, Daniel Blake; I see the debt rising, I see the welfare reforms causing misery…

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Woman was too scared to leave job centre during a heart attack as she feared being sanctioned

Just another statistic for the Tories to hide while they grind the ill, the poor, and the aged into the ground 😦

Politics and Insights

Salena Hannah (Photo: Adam Sorenson)

A woman who suffered a heart attack during a job centre in-work progression interviewhas said she was too scared to get up and leave to get medical help as she was afraid of ­losing her benefits. Salena Hannah, who was working part-time, says that she had the attack during her appointment, but was ignored by the “callous” job centre interviewer.

The government’s Universal Credit legislation has enshrined the principle that working people in receipt of in-work benefits may face benefits sanctions if they are deemed not to be trying hard enough to find higher-paid work. It’s not as if the Conservatives have ever valued legitimate collective wage bargaining. In fact theirlegislative track recordconsistentlydemonstrates that they hate it,prioritising the authority of the state above all else.

Salena explained: “I had been suffering with chest pains for about two weeks and took a couple of…

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Today’s demo. Tears, anger and frustration.

This wonderful lady spends every week helping people through the mazes of the job centre, and gives many people the hope of an improvement in their lives – this is so very well done 🙂

The poor side of life

I always start writing this blog by telling you how I feel that today’s demo has been. Well today felt somewhat similar to our early demos, when Universal Credit was being introduced and neither the claimants nor the Jobcentre staff had a clue as to what to do. The Jobcentre staff however at times took full advantage of this and tried to pull the wool over most claimants eyes. Today the frustration of a system and staff that are constantly working against them was very apparent.

As soon as I arrived so did the food parcels. I have a dislike of being late so I always make sure that I am on time. Gordon was on the ball with picking up the food parcels so this was brilliant.

The queue had already started to form across the road. There is a handy place to sit and keep an eye out for…

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75% of pensioners to lose winter fuel allowance? Yes!

Source: 75% of pensioners to lose winter fuel allowance? Yes!

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Vote Labour – Policies uphold the rights of disabled people

If you value ethics above sheer eliteism, then please vote Labour on 8th June?


Letter in The Guardian  today, PROUD to be a Signatory, please READ & SHARE:

For chronically ill and disabled people, recent years have been a disaster. The UN recently found “reliable evidence that the threshold of grave or systematic violations of the rights of persons with disabilities has been met” (Report, 8 November 2016).

We have been forced through a work capability assessment that the government’s own expert adviser described as “inhumane”, and which in 2015 was found to be associated with an additional 599 suicides.

Many needing help are now forced through another persecutory assessment – the personal independence payment – designed to reduce the numbers qualifying for help by half a million.

Theresa May says this is “focusing disability benefit payments on those most in need”; but it means removing support from many in great need. Over 50,000 people have lost their vehicle, with some losing their…

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The government has failed to protect the human rights of children

This is one of the worst failures a government can have. If they can’t help our children, who are supposed to be the hope of the future, then they aren’t worth much as a government!
PLease vote carefully in the election – it’s your children who ultimately pay the price! 😦

Politics and Insights

Related image

The UK has plummeted from 11th position to 156th in global ranking for meeting its children’s rights obligations in the space of just a year. The UK now ranks among the bottom 10 global performers in the arena of improving the human rights of the child, after it achieved the lowest possible score across all six available indicators in the domain of Child Rights Environment (CRE), according to the KidsRights Index 2017.

The Index gathers data from Unicef and the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to identify global trends in the arena of children’s rights protection. It comprises a ranking for all UN member states that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a total of 165 countries. 

The report says that a nation’s prosperity does not always guarantee children’s rights. Interestingly, economically better performing countries are not necessarily doing a better job…

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