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Camden Momentum’s rebuke to national re smear response: “with every scalp taken, a new target will soon loom into view” . . .

As a Momentum member, I’m in full agreement with the Camden branch, with their letter to the officer group of the NCG.

The NCG’s behaviour towards Peter Willsman is, firstly, as the letter states, ‘a craven betrayal of Willsman, whose long years of service to the movement should not have been cast aside so crassly’. It is also a betrayal of the Corbyn-led Labour Party’s fight to get democracy back into politics, and of everything we at the grassroots are trying to fight against!

This is something that the NCG will have to deal with quickly, if they are not to lose many more of the members who signed up with them – as I did – in the hopes that Momentum would be 100% behind the new Labour Party ideals, that Jeremy Corbyn so very well represents.

I just hope they buck up, and start listening to the people who put them into their positions in the first place, as now is definitely NOT the time to hold back from the fight against all the bogus smears of anti-semitism that the Right have kept throwing at Jeremy Corbyn – and anybody else who supports him – in their increasingly desperate efforts to get rid of a man they know will be the death to all their hopes of keeping the gravy train going!

The mud the Right keep throwing at everyone not in their playpen, is just a diversion that fools nobody any more, but they keep on throwing it anyway, in the hopes that it will somehow stick – I guess somebody will have to tell them soon that it isn’t working!

But the NCG really do need to get onboard with the ideals we are all fighting for, as I’m afraid it’s fairly obvious that their hopes of nobody noticing their sheer lack of any kind of support for our policies are in vain!

Here’s a link to the Skwawkbox post, showing the letter sent:

Camden Momentum’s rebuke to the NCG re smear response . . .

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DWP sneaks out news of humiliating climbdown on mental health PIP payments . . .

mcvey f
DWP Secretary Esther McVey

The government has compounded its humiliation over a huge climb-down concerning PIP (Personal Independence Payments) to people with mental health issues – by trying to hide it.

Just a week or so into her new job as DWP (Dept of Work and Pensions) Secretary, Esther McVey had to announce that she would be ending the government’s attempts to overturn a court decision that denying or reducing PIP to those who suffer ‘severe psychological distress’ when travelling alone is ‘blatantly discriminatory’.

But she did so in a written statement issued after parliament had finished sitting for the week.

Please click the link below to read the whole story on Sqwawkbox:

DWP Climbdown on PIP . . .




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Tory minister shouted down as ‘liar’ – by Tory-heartland #BBCQT audience

BBC Question Time audiences are regarded by many as regularly dominated by right-wingers. So Tory minister Margot James could be forgiven if she expected an easy ride on Thursday night’s programme, broadcast from Tory heartland Hereford.

If so, she will have received a shock.

To read the rest, please click on the link below:

Tory Minister shouted down @ BBC Question Time, by an audience in Tory Heartland . . .

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It’s David Gauke and the government that need to change their behaviours, not poor people . . .

via It’s David Gauke and the government that need to change their behaviours, not poor people


Everything Kitty Jones says in her post (link above), at Politics and Insights, is so true of the behaviour of this government today.

The fact that they are still in total denial of the effects their policies are having on the most vulnerable people in society, says everything about them, and Kitty shows time and time again in her post just what those effects are, and how things need to change, if we want to save what’s left of our welfare state.

But the one thing that is getting to me, more and more, is the silence of the Labour Party, where Universal Credit is concerned!

Instead of asking the government politely if they wouldn’t mind pausing it for a while, to sort out the built-in problems the tories wanted it to have in the first place, they should be screaming from the rooftops to stop it completely, and to go back to the way people were helped before the tories decided to blame the poor for being poor!

Until the tories are ousted from government, more and more people are going to be suffering – many of them, to the point of death!

Who will be brought to account for all the thousands of deaths that have already occured since the tories grabbed power?

Who will pay for all the misery caused by those made penniless, and homeless – including thousands of children – while the tories live fat on the hog?

When did this country decide they were going to ignore all these deaths, just as the german citizens did with the jews, before the second world war?

Didn’t our country learn anything about that awful period in our history?

Or is it just the case that most people don’t care, as long as it’s not them suffering? 😦

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Universal Credit nightmare “I’ve had no money for 12 weeks” Disabled man forced to complete a job searching course 5 days a week (again). The nightmare continues.

The sheer fact that this excuse of a government went right ahead with the Universal Credit roll-out says so much about their sheer callousness!
There will be so many more people in desperate circumstances over this Christmas period, because of this – not only waiting for far, far, too long for the pittance they have been awarded, but also going without food, heating, and everything else that a civilised society deems needed as a basic right of living!

Unfortunately for them, the UK seems to have given up being a civilised society, and has become a place where the poorest, illest, weakest, and eldest, are bein blamed for the Banker’s greed, and so are suffering the worst of the austerity meted out by the tory machine!

Even Scrooge couldn’t have thought of anything as vile as this government’s ideologically-driven schemes!

The poor side of life

I’d like to start my blog today by saying a massive thank you to Gordon, Jill and Christine for helping today. Also a really big thank you to a long time supporter Jan for coming to say hi and treating us all to a cuppa. Also thanks to my friend for making lots of warm curry to hand out and a thank you for the food parcels. The reason why I have started my blog like this is because the weather was awful last night and early this morning. We had an unexpected heavy snowfall and inches of the horrible stuff were lying on the cold ground within half an hour. Luckily it started to rain in the early hours of the morning and when I had to walk to school so almost all of the snow is gone, although I expect there to still be a little near my…

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Corbyn receives international peace prize in Geneva

This is all the more reason for wanting – needing – Jeremy Corbyn as our next Prime Minister!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a man lead our country, who is genuine in his efforts at peace talks, instead of the succession of war-mongers we’ve had to endure over the last 4 decades?


corbyn statesman

As Theresa May scrambled frantically to present her Ireland ‘deal‘ as anything less than the utter capitulation it was, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a landmark, statesmanlike speech in Geneva on the great challenges facing us.

What few may know – because the ‘MSM’ have been largely silent on it – is that Corbyn was also in Geneva to receive the international MacBride Peace Prize in recognition of his decades of commitment and service to peace.

The award is presented jointly by the International Peace Bureau (IPB) and the World Democratic Forum. The reasons for the award are described on the event’s website:

Jeremy Corbyn is awarded – for his sustained and powerful political work for disarmament and peace. As an active member, vice-chair and now vice-president of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the UK he has for many years worked to further the political message…

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Martin Odoni: Lack of Brexit Impact Assessments Means Government Should Go

The fact that the tories have been able to get as far as they have already, with a Brexit that means a dire poverty for the masses, and a dream of invincibility for the rich Tory fatcat – and all with barely a whimper from any opposition parties – says it all to me. Our Nation has become totally subsumed within the tory ideology that work pays (as long as your work is that of an investment banker, of course), and that the road back to health can surely be trodden by the dying and medically unable, the poor, and all those sub-species other that anything born Tory – but only through work that is increasingly poorly paid, and with all Human Rights stripped from them, so they don’t disturb the tory dream machine!

Unfortunately, the Tories have lost any sense of the meaning of justice and decency – as those went out the window as soon as they got into power – and all that’s left in their place is a venal need for more and more power, driven by greed!

Unless Jeremy Corbyn wakes up, and realises he needs to be totally opposing everything the Tories are pushing, we’ll never get rid of them – for a start, he should be calling for the total abolition of Universal Credit!

Tweaking with something that was designed never to work in the first place isn’t the answer, and there are many thousands of new Labour supporters who are waiting for Labour to make the move that will break the tory grip on power, and to the bringing back of the major investment needed, not only in our public services, but also in our manufacturing industries – this is what will create new jobs, not the forcible poverty of a people who are totally deserving of the help they used to get from a Social Service that was the envy of many countries, but is now the worst in Europe.

The tories were really very clever when they renamed everything under that umbrella as Welfare – it’s automatic for anyone hearing that word, to think of an undeserving sub-class of people – which is just the ticket for any born and bred tory, as they push their elitist crap ahead of the helping of a Nation brought low because of their banker friends’ greed!

Of course there is nothing but despair felt by those burdened with poverty and debt – they see no future whatsoever under a tory rule that seems neverending for every day endured!

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

There were calls last week for David Davis to reveal the 60 or so impact assessments on Brexit, that the government had compiled and was supposed to be suppressing. Davis himself was facing accusations of contempt of parliament for refusing to release them. Now he has revealed that, actually, there aren’t any. Mike over at Vox Political has put up a short piece from Martin Odoni over the Critique Archives, who makes the obvious point: the government is seriously negligent, and should go. The members of every opposition party in parliament should unite and demand their resignation. He makes the point that the referendum was conducted so that Cameron could get the Tory right on board, and that in the 2 1/2 years since it is absolutely disgraceful that the Tories simply haven’t bothered to work out how Brexit would affect Britain.

I can’t agree more. Every day brings…

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