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The Eve of the Big Writefest!

Well, as from tommorrow, I’ll be spending the next month in a writing frenzy (I hope), and will be doing the best I can to write those 50,000 words.
I got an email this evening from the Nano organisers and, as of this evening, they have had 90,000 writers register with them to do the big writing-fest – not bad from such small beginnings, and it goes to show how many of us have the urge to write that novel! lol
I’ve got my plot and characters all sorted out, so it’s a case of setting to and getting the story that’s inside me onto virtual paper and, as I’m knocked back health-wise again, and writing this on my faithful lappie while sitting up in bed, at least I won’t have far to go if I collapse during the month!
I had a letter from the O.U. this morning, confirming my cancellation of the U211 course that I had been hoping to start in February and, although I know I did the right thing in cancelling it, it felt strange to hold that confirmation in my hand – a little bit like giving in to my health problems, if you like. Although I know it’s the most sensible thing to do, there’s a little bit of me that hates having to give in to my health problems, yet again! Grrrrrrr
Anyhoo, I’d better get on and do some practice typing, so that my fingers get used to doing 1,600-odd words a day, in order to reach the target in a month. I’ll be letting you know how I get on as the month progresses – talk to you soon!

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