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7 Days On!

It’s been a week since I started my new course, and it has been nothing but a disaster, quite frankly!
I was so looking forward to doing this course, but haven’t had a pain-free day since it started – which, of course, means taking my full spectrum of pain relief, which then makes me so muzzy-headed, I can’t absorb anything I read! Grrrrrrr
I’ve been soldiering on all week, desperately trying to absorb anything, but I sat here in tears this morning, having wasted a couple of hours reading what may as well have been pure gibberish!
I finally gave in this afternoon, and sent an email to my new tutor, explaining the situation to him – I’m just hoping he has some suggestions for helping me to continue on in the course. :~((
I know this course was an indulgence, rather than something necessary for my degree, but I feel so stupid that I can’t absorb anything, when Shakespeare has always been one of my favourite authors – I guess it’s a case of wait and see, as to how I proceed from here?

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