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The Results Came In . . .

I couldn’t believe it when I got the email to tell me that my results were in.
For the first time since starting with the O.U., I had forgotten that I was waiting for a result!
Forgotten?’ I hear you exclaim, ‘How on earth could you have forgotten?’

Easily enough, unfortunately. That’s one of the problems I have with my various health troubles – this loss of memory is affecting me more than I had realised!

Anyhoo, to get back to my exciting news – I went online to my OU site, and clicked the button that brings me my result and, on opening it, discovered that I had been awarded 88%.

I was utterly gobsmacked as, in all the time I’ve been with the O.U., I’ve never got higher than 76% for any of my TMA’s!

I double-checked, just in case I had been mixed up with some clever student by mistake but, no, it was definitely my result!

I had been given the privilege of reading some of my fellow students essays after the last date for submission went by, and was really impressed with the quality of writing in my group, so was amazed that my little story was given such a good mark – thank heavens for different tastes, I say! Lol

I can’t tell you how happy I am to get this. It has really given me the impetus I need to continue on with the course – especially as this new section – poetry – is a lot harder than I had expected.

Still, onwards and upwards, as they say – whoever ‘they’ are!

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