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Soon D-Day will be looming!

I checked my studenthome today, and there was a notice that the results of my ECA will be available on Friday 7th August . . . I don’t know whether to be excited or nervous with the wait right now, but I think the next 33 days are going to drag more than the last ones did!

It’s a strange old time I’m living through at the moment – I’ve finished A215, but am nowhere near to starting A363 as yet. It’s like being in Limbo, really, with the same feeling of time slowing down to a dragging pace. It doesn’t help that I’m feeling so poorly at the moment, with all the rain and damp. I really want to be doing things at the moment but, as usual, my poor old body is letting me down.

One thing I am doing, is reading the book list for EA300: Children’s literature. I know I won’t be doing it until October 2010 but, as I had some of the books already, I decided to gradually gather them all, as I could afford them, and read them through now.
I’m in the middle of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott at the moment, something I read in my junior years and, I must say, I’m thoroughly enjoying the trip back to my younger years, with the emotions I remembered feeling when I first read the book overlaying the more analytical me of today. In fact, I’m enjoying Little Women so much, that I’ve just ordered the follow-ons from eBay. I never did read any further than Good Wives, so it’ll be nice to know what happened next. Lol

It’s amazing how my study with the O.U. has changed the way I look at, and read, books now. Even the ones I choose for recreation can’t be read without the analysis I was taught to bring to my studies.
But I think it brings a deeper pleasure for me, to understand more the motivations of character and plot, and I love to speculate what brought the author of whatever my current reading may be, to the ideas behind each story – I always did love a mystery, and I have one with every book I pick up nowadays, especially all the so-called ‘children’s’ books I’m now reading!

Anyway, my reading will, hopefully, fill in some of the time I have spare at the moment, until October comes. And I’m determined to read through some of the study ideas that are appropriate for A363, that the O.U. put up for anyone to sample – to wet my appetite for the new course ahead, if nothing else!

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