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Due to start on the 10th . . .

Well, everyone who wants to has introduced themselves in my tutorial group. There are a few familiar names from my previous course, which is great, and everyone else seems to be freindly, and willing to share who they are. 🙂

Our tutor seems very nice, and has already set us a few Ice-breakers, so that we can get to know each other and, presumably, she will have a sense of what we are capable of before the course starts.

I’ve just sent off my dummy TMA, so now it really feels as if I am actually starting! Lol

I’ve actually done the first week’s activities – more to break myself back into study-mode really – but I don’t want to get any more ahead of myself, and have stopped there until the course catches up with me, so-to-speak. Lol.

Just from the short Ice-breaker exercises, I can see that most of the group are going to be excellent writers, so I’m feeling a bit nervous that I’ll be able to keep up with them, or even be in the same league as them, come to that! I guess I’ll have to look on it as a spur to excell myself . . .

It’s actually my 26th wedding anniversary today, although we’re not celebrating it as such until saturday – which happens to be the start of the course! Yet another reason I’m glad I’ve got slightly ahead of myself. {g}
Mind you, I think that is one of the best advantages of this distance learning – if I need to, I can catch up with what’s being posted at any time convenient to myself, so at least we can celebrate on saturday without me feeling guilty of neglecting the course! 🙂


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