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Well, I’ve started . . . .

. . . so I guess I’ll just have to try and finish!

It’s been a difficult week this week. With so much time spent sleeping, because of the Lupus and CFS, I’ve barely spent any time studying my course activities.

I have managed to sort-of keep up to date, but there’s an awful lot of re-reading to be done, in order to get – and hopefully retain – the information I need to complete TMA 03.

I admit that a blank Word document scares the life out of me so, when I actually woke up, and kept awake long enough to get my head into study gear, I decided that I’d just write whatever came into my head, so at least there wouldn’t be all this blankness facing me. What surprised me, was that I had retained a bit more information than I’d thought at first, and by writing in a stream-of-conscience type of way, some of the 600-odd words I put down actually made some sense!

This means that, although I’m going to still have a huge effort ahead of me, when my brain-fog clears up sufficiently enough for me to hit the books again, at least I’ll know I’ve made a fair start on it already. 

I’m not sure whether its getting a bit easier, or that I have retained more than I thought, but I actually have some hope of completing a semi-decent essay by the end of it and, although I don’t think I’ll make the 12th January Noon deadline, I’m hoping to not be too far away from it by the time I’ve finished it all.

I guess, as usual, it’s a wait-and-see deal again!

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