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My course books are here!

I was over the moon when my course books were delivered a couple of days ago, and I’ve now had a quick glance through them, and am really looking forward to the course starting 🙂
I’ll be studying them more in-depth once our forum opens on 11th September, as I’ll then have access to our TMA questions, which means I’ll have some idea of the direction I’ll need to go in my study.

I read most of the list books after the ending of my last course, to familiarise myself with ones I had never read, and to remind myself of the ones I had, but I am going to read through them all again before October – including the new Neil Gaiman book, The Graveyard Book, which, although isn’t on the list, was recommended by lots of people on the EA300 forum, so I’m looking forward to that 🙂
Neil Gaiman is one of my daughter’s favourite authors, and she has always loved his Sandman book, so I look forward to reading something else he has written.

I’ve been very impressed, so far, with the books we will be studying and, if I’m honest, a little envious of children today for their sheer volume of choice in reading matter. I loved the classics I was brought up with, but today’s child is really spoilt for choice over the good quality writing that’s available to them. 🙂

All-in-all, I’m really happy I chose Children’s Literature to study next! 🙂


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