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I’ve been saying this every time . . .

. . . but I can’t believe the mark I’ve just received for my TMA!

When I came online earlier, I hadn’t even thought about the last TMA. I had gone on to the OU site to look something up, and just casually glanced over the page that shows my scores – and there it was – 76%!!

I have to admit that my jaw dropped, and I didn’t realise how I must have looked, until hubby came into the room, and asked me what was wrong. When I told him my score, he said: “See, I told you not to worry, Kate, you’re so much brighter than you think you are!” (Oh, I so wish that were true!)

I decided that I’d go to the TMA site, to download my marked TMA, and the summary that my tutor writes to let me know where I’ve gone wrong, or right, in my writing. As usual, there were absolutely reams of advice, and so many things she had wanted to see within my essay – which definitely brought me down to earth with a bump!

I have to admit, after 6 year’s worth of writing TMA’s and EMA’s, it would have been so very nice to get one that gave a lot more word count than we ever do get – mind you, I expect that, if we did have it, I’d just waffle a bit more, or add another so-called unnecessary quote that’d take it over the count again {grin}

And that’s another thing that drives me nuts!

If I don’t use many quotes, then I get criticised about it, and have done in past modules but, if I do use what I think is enough to get my point across, then I’m also criticised as using too many of them – I guess this is just another of those ‘no win’ situations so many of us students find ourselves in {wry grin}

But, now this TMA is in the bag, so-to-speak, I shall draw a thick and heavy curtain around it, turn my back, and try to get on with this second half of the course – I hope!

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