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And it’s my best score yet!

For a change, I got my TMA 06 results back within a week, so it was a huge surprise for me, to see the email informing me that I could upload my marked essay. To add to the surprise, when I got to the relevant place, I saw that I’d managed to score a whopping 80% for this final TMA!

After only having two weeks to read all the relevant chapters, work through the various assignments on each chapter, and then write my TMA, it really was a shock for me to get such a high mark – especially as I posted it, thinking that I’d be really happy with just a pass mark 🙂

As usual, my tutor wrote in depth where I hadn’t expanded the information that was needed, or I’d missed the opportunity to write about this subject, or that one and, as usual, I wondered where I could fit in all she asked of me, with the limited word count we had – and that’s without the fact of her being lucky that I remembered enough of the facts to write anything at all!

I’m really pleased with my result, albeit puzzled as to how I could get such a high mark when I can’t remember what I’d written, at least, not without having it in front of me! But, as I go about getting everything together, ready to begin writing my EMA (End-of-Module-Assignment), I can’t help feeling relieved that the torture that is this module, is soon to be over and done with! 

As usual for this stage of my writing an essay, my mind is a total blank, and so I’m, once again, having to trawl through all of the course books and study guides, along with watching and listening to the CD-ROMs, in the hopes that something will spark an idea for me to write about.

I really do feel that every TMA I’ve written for this module, has been a rehash of the one before and, with the instructions given for this final essay, it looks to me to be exactly the same kind of thing again :/

One of my fellow students got it very right when she said that E301: The art of English, can be likened to Marmite – you either love it, or you hate it. I’m afraid, unlike Marmite, which I’ve always loved, this module is definitely on my hate list!

But, provided that I can get a 70% pass rate for the EMA, by August, I should be the proud possessor of my degree and, as the OU have kindly renamed my degree to reflect the work I’ve put into it, I’ll be awarded a BA (Hons) Literature with Creative Writing 🙂

It has taken me 6 long years to get to this point, and there have been a lot of ups and downs along the way but, all-in-all, I’m so very glad I started studying with the Open University. It has opened up my whole life in many ways but , more especially, it has enabled me to be in contact with like-minded people from across the UK, and even Europe. This has been vital to me, as I live my life stuck between four walls, a prisoner of my own body. But, with the aid of my trusty laptop – another gift from the O.U – I am able to roam all across the world in my search for knowledge, and the companionship of others in the same position as myself.

When I weigh it all up, I have to admit that I wouldn’t have changed this experience for the world – but it is definitely time for me to move on, and for me to start to use all the things I’ve been taught!

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