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I’m almost at the finishing line . . . . .

I’m coming towards the end of my Open University life now, so there will probably be changes to both title, and contents, of this Blog, once I’ve been presented with my degree. I’ll keep you all posted though, to let you know when šŸ™‚

Ā . . . andĀ I’mĀ really, really, having a difficult time getting there!

I have exactly 48 hours to go, with this painfully short time being all thatĀ IĀ have left, as I need to write my very last, and final, end-of-module essay!

I have to admit thatĀ I’mĀ struggling so very badly at the moment, and I think I’ll be ending up sending in an uncompleted essay šŸ˜¦

Because we’ve been doing the course from TMA to TMA, I had forgotten the sheer amount of theorists, and their theories, that there actually was, and so now, when I need to be clear about who I need to use, and who not, in my essay, it’s all about as clear as mud šŸ˜¦

I’ve spent every minute awake over the last week or so, trawling through the multitude of module books, trying to search out all the elusive and pungent quotes needed to get anything like a pass for this.Ā 

I’m now at 2,296 words, out of 3,000, andĀ I’veĀ barely made a start on the analysis of my first text choice! Because of this, I know that, even if by some miracle, I complete the EMA, it’s going to take me hours to edit it back enough to keep within the word-count which, with the 10% lee-way, gives me 3,300 words to write.

I’m just hoping and, frankly, praying, that I manage to stay awake long enough to do this! Mind you, because of all the stress, I’m in so much pain right now, I’ve been kept awake for the last 24 hours – I just hope it lasts until the essay is done, because at least then, it won’t matter ifĀ IĀ collapse for a few weeks!

So, in the meantime, I’ve just finished another blog of mine and, once I’ve sent this one, I’ll have to stop procrastinating, and get back to the grind!

Thank you Jehovah God, that it’s almost over šŸ˜¦

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