And I’m still waiting . . .

It feels like an age since I found out I’d got a 2:1 degree, and I have spent the time since then waiting, fairly patiently, to receive my degree certificate. Unfortunately, it still hasn’t arrived through the post, and I’m beginning to wonder just when it will :/

I know that, in the great order of things, a piece of stiff paper with a bit of writing, and a pretty picture of the University’s motif on it, isn’t that great a thing to be worried about but, if I’m honest with myself – and I do always try to be honest with myself – I guess I need that paper proof, just so that I can look at it, and think back over the 6 years of tough striving it took me, to get it in the first place.

My hubby was very proud of my determination to continue with, and then complete, my degree as he, more than anyone else on this earth, knows how hard it was for me to do, and I guess that’s why I love him so much, as he was, and still is, my full-time carer, as well as my husband, and it fell to him to look after me when the studying caused my health to deteriorate. I guess, if anyone deserves this degree, it would have to be equally my hubby, as well as I – it’s a pity that can’t be written on the certificate, isn’t it? 🙂

On the writing front, I’ve barely done anything since my final course finished, as my health was so bad by then, that it has taken all this time just to get to a place where I can even think of doing anything.

I had planned to start the research needed for a story idea I’ve had in my head for a couple of years now, and I had also planned for my children’s book to be at least completed enough to start sending it on the rounds of editor’s slush piles but, unfortunately, my daughter has been so busy with her work, doing stilt-walking, and fire wing exhibitions, that she hasn’t had the time to finish the illustrations I need. I’m hoping she’ll have a bit of time this winter to do them, before all the various festivals start once again in the spring – I can hope, anyway 🙂

I had also planned on using some of my spare time in finishing off a cross-stitch pattern I’ve been working – on and off – for my daughter but, unfortunately once again, my hands have been so bad, I’ve been unable to wield the sewing needle to do so. 

Because my creative side has been so very frustrated, I’ve decided to take up crochet work – something I haven’t done since I was a child, when my great-grandmother taught us all how to do it. I can’t manage knitting needles, but I figure a crotchet hook won’t be so bad, and I’m hoping it’ll keep my hands a bit more mobile than they’ve become recently.

I’m going to start off by crocheting a throw-over for my bed – something to put a bit more colour into the room I spend so much of my time in. I’m going to use shades of medium and light terracotta, some yellow, and some white, to make granny squares – an easy pattern for me to re-learn all I’ve forgotten 🙂

Once I’ve completed this – or maybe in between – I’m going to attempt a little wrap-around bolero top for my daughter – I know! I’m probably getting wildly ahead of myself {grin}

I’m just hoping that this will keep me active – in the times when I am actually awake – over the winter months and then, if we actually have a decent spring and summer next year, where we’re not water-logged all the time, I may even be able to get back to my much-loved cross-stitching again!

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