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I’ve finished my wavy shell blanket at last!

It has taken me months to complete, but the blanket I started soon after taking up crochet again is finished at last 🙂

As I needed to make it fit a double bed, I decided to make it in 4 quarters, especially as I knew how heavy it would be and, as I only worked on it in between other projects, I must admit I thought I’d never complete it – but complete it I did, and last night!

I used a 6mm crochet hook, and around 2.75 Kg of terracotta, yellow and dusky lilac DK wool to complete it and, as usual, I used 100% acrylic, due to my wool allergy – but I think the colours go really well with those I already use in my bedroom and, even though I say so myself, I think it’s worked a treat – it certainly brightens up the room, without it being too much 🙂

As you may imagine, the minute I put it on the bed my cat, Kushka, adopted a corner of it for herself, and nothing seems to have budged her from her chosen spot, except food – and toilet breaks, of course {grin} 

As I’ve finished the blanket, and haven’t started on my next project yet (a pair of leg-warmers for my daughter’s friend, who admired the ones I had made for Brex), I decided to start on the blanket I had promised to make for Brex as soon as I finished my own.

I’m using Royal Blue, Emerald green, and a lovely Turquoise as my daughter’s colour choices, and I decided to use a 5mm crochet hook for this one, to make the weave a little tighter than my own blanket, so that it will be warmer for her, as she doesn’t have central heating as I do.

Here’s a photo of the colour choices – I think it’s going to look lovely once it’s finished 🙂

The turquoise doesn’t show up as well as the actual colour, in this photo, which is a shame, as it’s a gorgeous shade :/ 

I’m going to make Brex’s blanket in two sections, I think, just to make it easier to crochet the sections together, as mine was a pig to do! Lol

I’m also hoping to finish it a lot quicker than my own – which I’m sure Brex will appreciate with the cold weather we’re having 🙂

I’ll post up a photo of it, once it’s complete, before I post it off to her 🙂

And, in the meantime, I’m sure there’ll be other projects to work on – after all, I don’t want to get bored! 


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