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A new design learnt – the Jacob’s Ladder pattern . .

Looking around the internet for something quick to do, while still finishing off my daughter’s blanket, I came across a crochet pattern called Jacob’s Ladder. Fortunately, there was a great tutorial, showing anybody who wanted to learn it, how to do so, and so I sat and watched, then got out my crochet hook and yarn to have a go.

The tutorial was by my favourite crocheter, Claire, or BobWilson123, and it can be found at:

My first idea, was to create a hat for a lovely lady that I know, who always enjoys wearing hats but, because I was inexperienced at sizing, the hat I made was far too small – only the size for a 12-18 month infant, in fact! Lol

Because it was so small, I adapted it, and made it into a lovely Tam O’Shanter Hat, complete with a pom-pom on top and, as I was enjoying making the pattern, I then made a scarf to match.

The yarn I used, was some that I had been sent by my mum, as well as an old favourite.

Both yarns are 100% Acrylic, with the darker purple being a Premier Value DK, Shade 016, and Dye 89872. The lighter dusky lilac I used, is my favourite wool, the Double Knit, Shade 763, and Dye 880.

I had actually bought a large spool of silver lurex thread, and so I crocheted this along with the dusky lilac, to give a little glitter to the pieces. I think it’s quite effective, without being too much, don’t you think? 🙂

As they are meant for an infant, I used my wooden owl buttons for my motif, as they’d be safer than the metal ones I’ve started to use, and I also sewed on my brand new labels, so the set is ready for sale, once I’ve made some more stuff to do so 🙂

I feel much better about making things to sell, now the first item is completed and, once I’ve finally finished Brex’s blanket, I’ve got a pair of leg-warmers, and fingerless mitts to make for her friend 🙂

I think I’m going to be a very busy woman with this crocheting lark, and I’m really, really happy about that! 🙂

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