And the next lot of completed projects . . .

Well, I managed to get my Octagon & Square Throw together just in the nick of time – in fact, I posted it to The Crochet Crowd the night before the finish, so I’m well pleased 🙂

As for the throw itself, I was a little disappointed in it once it was together, as I sewed it while sitting in bed, so it wasn’t as flat as it should have been but, apart from that, it went very well.

The organisers of The Crochet Crowd had expected around 100 entrants for this month’s challenge, but in the end there were actually 496 finished Throws at the end of play.

Here’s mine:

I used the Red Heart Sport Yarn that I had ordered from America a couple of months ago, so I was glad I actually had some already in my stash, as I couldn’t have entered the challenge without it. But I’ve got to make sure I order a whole new lot, as I’ve just started on this month’s challenge – the Spring Fling Pillow – and it’s going to use up every bit of Red Heart Yarn I have left.

Here’s a link, if you’d like to see them:

My daughter was visiting me between jobs this last week, and she brought her new netbook with her. It had a cover on it, but it was a very thin sponge-like material, and I didn’t think it fitted too well, so I went into my yarn stash, and found the 2 balls of Red Heart Sport Yarn, in Camouflage, that I had bought with her in mind, and I started to crochet her a new cover for the netbook.

I was really pleased with the results, as the cover was really thick, as I’d used both balls in tandem, and so it will make a good shock-absorber for Brex’s netbook while she travels – as she does so frequently 🙂

I couldn’t take any pics myself, as I’ve put the battery re-charger for my camera away somewhere, and now can’t find it, but Brex saved the day, and used her snazzy phone camera to take some for me, so here they are:
As you can see, I’ve used a black Red Heart Sports Yarn to edge the notepad cover, and I created a flap, so the notebook stayed tucked safely inside. I then used a bit of left-over yarn to create a buttonhole, then sewed on a large button of Brex’s choosing, to keep it all snugly closed 🙂
Brex wanted the word ‘Junglist’ written with the small silver letter beads I’ve got and, although she’s explained to me what it’s about, I really haven’t a clue – but as it’s not for me, I guess it doesn’t matter! Lol

I put Brex’s name on the back, but that was just something I like doing anyway:)

All-in-all, I’m very pleased with what I’ve done this last few weeks and, now I’ve started on the next challenge, I feel happier still – mind you, I’ve also started crocheting together some of the leftover squares I had after making the throw, and these will be going towards a parcel of items I’m going to be crocheting for a group I recently joined. 

The group is called LAMB, and this stands for Little Angels Memory Boxes, and it’s base is in Australia. The boxes are filled with all sorts of things, such as layettes, blankets and hats, and hearts, and they are given to parents who lose their babies from 16 weeks gestation and over, and anything up to 16 years of age, and they are meant as keepsakes, or to dress their lost child in. The hearts are provided in twos, so that one can be placed with the lost child, and the partner heart kept by the parents.

Here’s the link if you’re interested in learning more:

I’m not only doing that, but I’ve also started a laptop cover for my mum’s new laptop!

My mum is 74 in April, but she’s not letting her age stop her from coming into the 21st century, and she has just started taking lessons on using her new laptop along with the complexities of the internet. Her problem, is that she hasn’t got a cover for her laptop and, as she travels to her lessons on her scooter, she needs something to protect the laptop from the bumps that occur in her travels, so I’ve told her that I’ll crochet her something similar to my Brex’s netbook cover 🙂

As it happens, I’ve got some gorgeous ICE yarn, in a lovely self-striping purple, that shades down to an almost white, so I’ve started crocheting the cover, and I’ll use a plain purple yarn to do the edging with. Once I’ve completed it – and found my camera’s battery charger – I’ll post some pics of my next lot of completed projects 🙂

In the meantime, keep on crocheting! 🙂 x x

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  1. Heheh love the laptop bag!! Loving the junglist bit too hehe! 🙂 nice work, I need to follow you on this you should add it to the crafty group 🙂 xxx


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