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A Little Teal Box

I love the yarn – and the colour used – in this pattern, so I might have to give it a go myself 🙂

Craftaceous Period

Gift basketI made a little gift box with RHSS Teal. I use a “G” hook for these and it really does a number on my hand. I used to use that size hook all the time–maybe that’s why I never entirely embraced crochet before. The combo of using an “H” hook and switching to Bates style made all the difference.

But I digress. I’ve made a few of these little boxes and I like the way they look. It’s basically a hat. I make increases until the base is the size I want. On the next row I SC in BLO to give it a defined edge. For the sides I just freeform–alternating between rounds of SC, DC, or HDC. The lid is just the same, but including one extra round of SC to make it slightly larger than the box.

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