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10 Things of Thankful #7

I feel so bad that I missed last weekend’s TToT but, having had a couple of really bad weeks, healthwise, it just wasn’t possible for me to come online and participate, unfortunately 😦

Because hubby has been so marvelous in his care of me, though, I really feel that I should dedicate my 10 things of thankful to my him as, without all of his loving care, I wouldn’t be doing it this weekend, either. 

So without ado, here are my 10 things:

I’m thankful for such a loving husband, who has stood beside me for this last 30 years, through good times, and especially through the bad. It’s our 30th wedding anniversary in October, and I can’t believe so many years have flown by.

Signing the register, 8th October,1983

I’m thankful for the loving and dedicated father that my hubby is, and that he would walk on hot coals for both our daughter, and myself.

Brex born, 13th August, 1984

I’m thankful for hubby’s great sense of humour, as it has been the difference between laughter and tears at times – and occasionally both, as I’ve cried tears of laughter more than a few times! 🙂

Messing around – as usual! Lol

I’m thankful for his gentle, and humble, nature, and the way that he cares for everyone, and everything, to the very best of his abilities. 

Looking after Holly & Bramble

I’m thankful for the amazing green thumb my hubby has, how he managed to shape the bit of field he divided off from it to be our garden – and the way he has made sure that there is always something lovely to see through our bedroom window, to cheer me up on my down days 🙂

In the garden, July, 2013
Side view of garden, July, 2013

I’m thankful for his gift of making friends so easily. Having always been the opposite to him, and finding it very hard to open up enough to make friends with people, my hubby has been very patiently guiding me over the last 30 years, and has brought me out of myself, and into the great world of friendships, extended families, and the best Céilidh’s in Wales!

The Backroom Boys, @ our Summer Ceilidh

I’m thankful for the way he has always helped around the house without hesitation or complaint, and especially the way he took over cooking and housework after I fell ill – all the more so as he could barely boil and egg at first 🙂

Spag Bol! Yummy

I’m thankful for his love of nature, and his patience over the years as he taught this town girl how to see the most glorious gifts of God’s creation.

Yellow Rose, blooming outside my bedroom window

I’m thankful, too, that he brought our daughter up to fully appreciate all of God’s creations – including spiders, unfortunately {shudders} 🙂

Brex’s photo of Jiminy Cricket, our garden, 2010.

Mostly, though, I thank God every day for the miracle of finding my heart’s ease, and for knowing the instant I saw him, that he was the other half of my soul 🙂


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