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Ten Things of Thankful #13

I’ve been really neglecting my Crafting Blog recently – http://kat-craftingwiththenightowl.blogspot.co.uk – this is both through continuous illness, and the fact that I’ve been using it for my TToT posts, so I decided to move this to my writing Blog here, so that I’ll be forced to use my other Blog in the way it was meant for – well, that’s the plan, anyway! 🙂

To continue with this post – It’s been another of those weeks, this week – in fact, I only realised it was Saturday already, because Lizzi’s TToT post came up on my Bloglovin’ thingy (I’m so technical, aren’t I? {grin})

Anyway, despite a week of little sleep, and hubby being very ill, I’m determined to keep on with my weekly TToT so, for this week’s selection, here goes:

I’m thankful, once again, for antibiotics! Bob started the week with a really bad cold, which rapidly developed into one of the worse chest infections he’s had to date, barring the pleurisy he had recently! Fortunately, we still had a whole course of antibiotics left over from that, so he started to take them, and he’s now 85% better (his figure, bless him!) 🙂

I’m thankful for our close friend who ran errands for us while Bob was down, as he needed cough medicine, and all the other stuff needed when a virus hits!

I’m so very thankful that he’s getting well again, as we had one scary night when I didn’t dare sleep, as his breathing was so bad I thought it might stop! Yay for the antibiotics once more! 🙂 (Just to let you know, I wanted to call in the doctor, or get an ambulance – but Bob wouldn’t have it! He was convinced he was dying – even though I kept telling him he wasn’t –  and he was determined to do it in his own home! Men! Lol)

I’m thankful for my crochet work, which kept me occupied while I kept watch over my poor ailing hubby! Lol

I’m thankful that I didn’t catch this virus full-blown! With my compromised immune system, it would have been serious – fortunately, I’ve just got a sore throat and bunged-up nose! Whew!

I’m thankful for kitchen paper, and soft toilet paper! We ran out of tissues early on, so thank God for modern conveniences! Lol

I’m so very thankful that I stayed well enough to care for the Carer! We’re both quite stubborn types, and hate to ask for help if we can do it ourselves, and so I was able to do what I could without calling on anybody else – apart from the bit of shopping – which pleased us both! I know! We’re stubborn, and baulky, and daft not to ask for outside help – but I guess we both come from that old-school tradition that keeps us going, rather than giving in! Lol

I’m thankful for Hall’s Mentholyptus, Olbus Oil, and Jakemans Throat & Chest lozenges – all of which helped Bob to breathe, and are now helping to soothe my poor throat!

I’m thankful for instant meals – without which we would have starved this week! 🙂

I’m thankful that we reached the end of this week with Bob so much better, and myself still able to cope! 🙂

So, there’s my current TToT, and I hope we don’t have too many weeks like this one has been! 🙂


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