How to Design and Alter Crochet Patterns Part 1: Stitch Patterns

As someone interested in how crochet designers do their designing, I had to reblog this to my site so I can keep a record of it. I’m still not at the stage where I feel confident in creating my own designs, but this will be a good blog tutorial series to start keeping in case I ever buck up the courage to try 🙂

Make My Day Creative

I still feel like I’m only just getting started with crochet designing, particularly if judged by the number of my projects which get started and scrapped.  But I wanted to write this series because I’ve picked up a few things along the way which I think will be helpful whether you’re a designer or someone who likes to follow patterns – because even following a pattern it can be helpful to pick up on why something has been designed a certain way, or you may just want to modify the pattern for your needs.

How to Design Crochet Patterns by Make My Day Creative How to Design Crochet Patterns by Make My Day Creative

Ideas for projects come from many places – but most often mine start from either a particular yarn, a stitch pattern, or from a desire to make a certain item (scarf, basket, sweater, etc).  Once a yarn or stitch pattern has caught your eye or an…

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