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Happy 2nd Anniversary To Me!

I’ve been really lax about keeping my Blog up to date over the last few months. Unfortunately, both myself and Mr Night Owl are having various health problems, which have taken both the urge to write and, frankly, the energy to do so, right away from me – and anybody who knows me at all well, will know just how bad things are if I can’t do that!

But I just had to write this today because, as I was just checking my emails, I found an email from WordPress wishing me a Happy Anniversary, as I’ve been with them for 2 years today!

2 years!!

Where does the time go?

. . . . .  and now I sound like an old Granny, who can’t quite work out how she got to be that person, instead of the young thing she still is in her head! Lol

Once I’ve got some energy back, I’ve got some pics of the stuff I’ve been crocheting ever since my last post about the subject, and I’ll put them on here, with all the usual details – but, until then, I do hope you are all having a better time of it than we are at present 🙂


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