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A Warning for People on Medication for Depression

So much is happening to people with health issues, the ill, the disabled, and anyone who is vulnerable, and it’s all being caused by a government that cares only for itself, and its very rich friends and business associates.

This was made abundently clear, when they tried to take what little extra people had been awarded for ESA – which is a benefit for people who are too ill to work, either for some time, or permanently – and then they handed the exact sum that they saved by doing this straight to middle-management! Talk about buying votes!
But stopping repeat prescriptions for people who take anti-depression medication regularly – not through choice, but through necessity – is taking this whole war on the vulnerable one step too far – a step into the grey, heartless, land that the government are trying to create out of our hopelessness and vulnerability.

Follow the link below, and see what was said about it on Beastrabban’s Blog

A Warning for People on Medication for Depression

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