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The ESA50, and what it can do to us all . . .

I’ve been having a bad time of it, health-wise, recently – well worse than usual, I guess I should say.

I’ve just spent another night wracked with pain. I was even unable to crochet, which is something I can usually use to distract myself from the constant, unrelenting, pain. But my hands were too bad last night for me to do so.

Because of that, I decided I would check out my emails, something I haven’t done for a few days, due to the vertigo I suffer with every now and then, which gets worse if I stare at a computer screen for longer than 5-10 minutes. It seems to have eased up for me at the moment, so I’m taking the opportunity to do what I can online while it lasts.

Most of my emails were easily sorted into non-essential, but I did come across one that was notice of a post written by a Blogger that I follow:

The post was called: ‘#ESA50 and all that’, and was posted on May 28, 2016 by pawprintsofthesoul

This post tells of the writer’s battle with the DWP, and all the hoops they keep putting her through, even though she has a desperately bad progressive heart problem, and her doctor and consultants are fully backing her claim that the stress these constant WCA’s she has to go through, are in danger of actually killing her.

The problem, you see, is that, like practically everyone who has to go through this awful tick-box assessment, none of the questions are actually relevant to her problems but, as the government have deliberately set it up this way, to stop as many people as they can from claiming any help, we all have to struggle through the process as best as we can.

She posted links to previous posts of her treatment by the Department of Work and Pensions, and how she has had to cope with going through the Work Capability Assessments, and my heart bleeds for this lady, for all she is being put through, and especially as hubby and I are going through the same process, once again, ourselves.

But what really caught my attention in one of her posts, was one of the links that I clicked on. There was a video within her post, made by Tyneside Mind, about the WCA, and it’s treatment of people with mental health problems. I’ve known how bad things have got if you have any sort of mental health problem, but this video really brought it home.

Please click on any of the links I’ve provided, to see this brave lady’s story – and watch this video, to see just how bad things have become:


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Do you want to give away your Democratic Rights?

If you do, then just let the Tories keep on changing our laws, until nothing is left to protect us all from them.

Read Kitty Jones post: A Tory Bill of Rights? We should be asking what will possibly go right!

She has really made it clear how much of our freedoms have already been compromised, so I suggest you read everything she has said, and see if you could cope with the travesty of Democracy we have left right now, let alone if the Tories get their own way and take away everything that protects us now!

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And a few more of my Offerings . . .

Yes, I know, it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted about my crocheting, again, and I did promise to continue to show the things I created over that very large gap when I hadn’t blogged anything, so here goes . . .

The last thing I showed you, in April, was My Captain Jack doll that I’d made as a mascot for my piratey daughter, in March 2015 – but the next thing I made her, also in March, was a toiletry set made of cotton Lily ‘n Cream, which I had in my stash – a gift from a friend ‘over the Pond’ 🙂

I really do love this yarn, and I’d been saving it for something special, so I figured my daughter was definitely special enough to recieve it 🙂

My daughter works at the various festivals that happen around the UK (and Europe) all through the year [she belongs to various groups, a couple of which are called ‘Slamboree’ & ‘The Gutterstars Collective’. She also does her own thing, with both fire, and stilts, too, so I figured she could do with something hard-wearing, and re-usable, considering the bashing they’d have to take 🙂

I also wanted to make her something with the ethos of saving the planet – in my own small way – too, as the huge amount of wipes she tended to go through weren’t exactly friendly to the earth – and this lovely yarn seemed perfect for that 🙂

I had one Lime Green, and one Blue of this gorgeous yarn, so I decided to mix the two, to create a set out of two seperate patterns I’d chosen to make.

The Bath (or shower) Pouf, is a pattern I found on Ravelry:
Puffy Bath Pouf by The Stitchin’ Mommy

The set of Face Scrubbies with Storage Pouch, comes from:
Diva Stitches Crochet Blog: Face Scrubbies & Pouch

2015-03-20 - Gift set for Brex

Puffy Bath Pouf + Face Scrubbies & Pouch

In April 2015, I finished a Mystery Afghan CAL being run by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd. It had started in February of that year, and the pattern was provided through both the Crochet Crowd, and – here’s the link: Mystery Afghan.

The pattern was made using Caron Simply Soft, and we were given different colour combinations to use. As you may have gathered by now, I do love my purples, so that’s what I chose 🙂

The pattern involved making squares that were then joined together, and it made a throw-sized afghan – a lapghan really. It was quite complex, with stitches I’d never dealt with before, so I enjoyed learning new skills. Unfortunately, my photo-taking skills are abysmal, but I hope you can see some of the details 🙂

2015-04-16 -  Mystery  Afghan - The Crochet Crowd - CAL 2015

Mystery Afghan CAL


The next project I made, was an Amigurumi Snail, and I made it for a fellow Blogger who was doing a Snail-a-Day Project – here’s her Blog: Snail-a-day
The creator of the wonderful snail pattern, is one of my favourite Amigurumi designers, Moji Moji Designs. She has created some awesome patterns, and I’m very, very, slowly working my way through them – here’s the link to her Ravelry Shop – you’ll find a much more colourful version of Shelley the Snail on there:                          Moji Moji Designs

2015-04-26 - Shelly the Snail - gifted to Claudia - Creative Shell

Shelley the Snail


My next project was made, literally, from my scraps of yarn. In May 2015, I had come across the site of a Blogger called Creative Crochet Toys, and she had arranged a CAL to make a bag out of our yarn scraps – and as I had quite a few of these, I decided to give it a go 🙂

I’ve got the pattern stashed away on my external hard-drive somewhere, but here’s a link to Ravelry, where you can purchase the pattern for yourselves:
Scrapalicious Bag by Creative Crochet Toys

I kept the bag for some time, as it was quire roomy, and very handy for WIP’s, but I made a gift in the new year for a dear neighbour, and put the gift in this bag, as she’s remarked on it every time she saw it – I figured two gifts in one, is much better than just one gift 🙂

I’m actually building up quite a stash of scrap yarn again, so I might dig out my pattern, and make another one some time this year 🙂

2015-05-31 - Scraps Of Yarn CAL

Scrapalicious Bag


The next thing I made, in June 2015, was actually something for myself for a change! Lol

Being so ill all the time, I tend to feel the cold, even when everyone else is sweating in the heat so, when I came across the pattern for a shrug that would keep my shoulders and arm tops warm, I looked at my stash yarn, and found a pretty pale lilac DK yarn (sorry can’t remember the name), and went ahead and made it. Now, I’ve got a ton of shrug patterns, and I’ve looked through them all, but can’t find this particular pattern, unfortunately, so I can’t post a link for you 😦

2015-06-16 - My Shrug

My Mystery Shrug! Lol

But, shortly after I finished my shrug, I had a hospital appointment, and I bumped into a friend, with her daughter. During our conversation, her daughter was saying how much she loved pink – and I remembered I had a whole load of fuschia-pink shimmering yarn that my Mum had sent to me months before. I had a word with my friend, asking if she’d mind me making a shrug for her daughter, and she was delighted, and promised to send me her daughter’s measurements a.s.a.p! 🙂

Once I got home, and had recovered from my trip to the hospital, I went onto my laptop, to see what patterns I could find to use for her. I came across two that I really liked, one on Craftsy: Easy Breezy Shrug by Joyful Yarns Crochet
, then the second pattern: Scarlett Shrug by Moogly


2015-06-20 - Easy Breezy Shrug by Joyful Yarns Crochet - for Cullie

Easy Breezy Shrug


2015-06-18 - Scarlette Shrug by Moogly - for Cullie

Scarlett Shrug

My friend’s daughter loved her shrugs, thank heavens!

Unfortunately, my health got really bad again, and so I couldn’t do anything – let alone crochet, for a couple of months after that 😦

I’ll tell you what I did after I recovered somewhat, on my next post 🙂






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