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The Culpable Silence over the Genocide of the Disabled

From my observations over the last decade, especially as I became more ill, more disabled, and found there was less and less help out there for me and mine, I truly believe what is being discussed here, on Beastrabann’s Blog.
It feels as if all that ails this country has become focussed on it being the fault of the disabled and ill – as if it were our fault that the Banks grew too big, powerful, and greedy, and that we, who have the least in material wealth, should be the ones to pay for it all.
Just like in Hitler’s time, we are an easy target, especially as the last few governments have managed to take control of the vast majority of the media, and so our struggles against these insidious cuts that are slowly killing us, are falling on deaf ears.
Until this country wakes up to all the deaths that have been happening over this last decade or so, directly because of the governments deliberate policies of attrition, then nothing will be done – and then how many people will be shouting that they hadn’t seen it happen, or hadn’t known it was going on?
. . . and how many of us will be dead, unable to have our voices heard?

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

Two weeks ago Mike over at Vox Political posted a piece about how he had praised on Twitter the Last Leg for its hosts describing the Tory government’s lethal policy of throwing disabled people off benefits for what it was: a disabled genocide. Alex Brooker and the show’s main man, Adam Hills had said of the policy

“At first these cuts looked like a good plan experiencing teething problems, then it started to feel like a badly executed system but now – it’s beginning to look a lot like disabled genocide.”

“This government is slowly killing off a generation of disabled people.””

He continued: “The only question is are they doing it on purpose? Because if you are, why stop at sanctions?

”Why not round us up put us on a reservation and sterilise the drinking water because that is literally more humane than what you’re doing right now. For…

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