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The Royal Show . . . . . . .

A friend called around to my home to see me this afternoon, and the first thing she asked me, was if I’d watched the royal wedding.

I had to think for a minute, before I realised what she was talking about, and then I had to tell her an honest ‘No’.

We started talking about other things, and time went on, then she left. I then came online to check for messages from my daughter, and the first thing I saw on Facebook, was all the people talking about how they had cried when they saw the bride, and how wonderful it all was – and I felt a little sick.

Yesterday, I saw online about how the police went all around Windsor, taking away all the possessions of the homeless there, and trying to get them to move on to pastures new – after all, it wouldn’t do for a royal to actually see some of their subjects down and out, and living on the streets outside their castle, would it? 😦

I felt like asking every one of them the following questions:

‘Why did you have tears in your eyes? Is there something terrible happening that I haven’t noticed – other than what’s happening to practically everyone who isn’t rich, of course!

Or are you watching the multi-million pound freak show that’s been put on to keep the masses happy? The show that’s costing every tax payer in the UK multi-millions of pounds?
Are you crying for all the money that has been spent on today, that could have been spend housing the homeless – probably those same homeless people, in and around Windsor, whose possessions were taken from them, and bagged up, to be collected after the weekend?
Did you cry for the money spent on this extravaganza, that could have been used to help put food in the bellies of all the thousands of children in the UK, who are going hungry today – and every day – because their parents are being punished for daring to be unemployed, or ill, or disabled, or even in work, but on terribly low wages?
Did you cry for the money taken from the unemployed, who are being ruthlessly sanctioned – normally for the most stupid of reasons – just to save money for the treasury, so they can give even more tax breaks to the super-rich – or pay the royal family their yearly ‘allowance’ which, when added up, could probably keep many thousands of families from starving, or being made homeless, every year?

Is that why you had tears in your eyes?’

I read online that the cost of the wedding could be anything up to £32,000,000 – and that around 94% of that will be for the cost of all the security which was involved, in order to keep everyone safe from snipers, bombs etc – but this will be picked up by the British Tax Payer, with only the core costs, such as the church, flowers, brides outfit etc., being covered by the royal family themselves.

Now, I like a nice wedding as much as anyone, but in these times of enforced austerity, where we are all being made to tighten our belts, or have been made homeless, and often jobless, because of the zero-hour contract employment terms, being forced on us by greedy bosses, who care more for profit than they do about the people working for them, then how can anyone justify the huge show put on – mainly for the foreign market – but also as a way of keeping people’s attention away from what’s being done to us every day, here in the UK!

So, as people watch the bride and groom – and good luck to them as they start a new life together [a life rather more blessed than their UK subjects are having to deal with every day, unfortunately], crying with joy at all the razzamatazz put on to blind them to reality, they aren’t thinking about the total mess that the government have made of practically everything they’ve put their hands on, in the almost 8 years they’ve been in charge of the country 😦

Those watching the wedding won’t be thinking about just how badly the Brexit negotiations are right now, or how people are dying in their thousands as the DWP make life such a living hell for so many people, that they choose to take their own lives rather than keep suffering this institutional abuse!

Rather than continue to live in this austerity-led hell on earth, there are so very many people choosing to opt out, that it’s becoming a serious problem – which the media choose to keep quiet about, rather than doing the jobs they are being paid for, and investigating it all, and letting people know just how badly the tories are doing in their stewardship of the UK!

While they watch this royal show, they aren’t thinking of how the government are  deliberately starving the NHS into submission, either, just so they can sell it all off, for knock-down prices, to their business buddies in the private sector!

They’ll definitely be thinking about it the next time they need to call the emergency services, to save the life of a loved one, though! That’s when all the private firms, who are already taking over vital services, start charging people at the point of contact – an unspoken blackmail attempt, which will have people choosing to go deeply into debt, to save the lives of their loved ones 😦

Even with the money being made by the usual merchandising of an event like this, it’s still a huge amount of public money, being spent on something that the royals should have paid for themselves – after all, they are millionnaires, and get a hefty chunk of money every single year from the public purse as wages – so why not do what every other family does at a wedding, here in the UK, and cut their coat to fit their cloth?

These are just a few of the reasons why I chose not to watch the show put on to gull the people of the UK 😦 


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Birthday Treats . . . . .

It was my birthday on the 24th of this month – I’ve now turned 56!

It’s something that I’ve not celebrated for many years, being a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses but, as I’ve left that organisation, I decided that I’d do something this year, and so our daughter, who is always so busy travelling around the UK, or Europe, or the USA and Canada, decided to visit in time to celebrate with us.

I had wanted to go to a new Vintage Cafe, that has opened in my nearest town of Aberaeron, to have a High Tea treat (something I’ve not had since my Great-Grandmother died when I was 10), and so we booked a table for 3, down at the ground floor, as I can’t manage stairs, ready for my big day.  The place we chose, was here: McCowans, Aberaeron

I had heard good things about it, so we got there, looking forward to a nice meal – and we weren’t disappointed!

I enjoyed it so much, that I wrote a review for Trip Advisor, as it would be great for even more people to know just how good they are – so good, we’ve already booked a meal for our wedding anniversary in October 🙂

High Tea @ McCowans, Aberaeron - 25-09-17

High Tea @ McCowans, Aberaeron

I didn’t expect much else for my birthday, as everyone we know were used to me not celebrating, but I got a wonderful card from one of my sisters, made by her own fair hands – and lovely it is, too. I also got wonderful cards from good friends of ours, and also from my hubby and our daughter – and some great pressies, too!

But only a daughter would know that a Unicorn Egg, and a Venus Fly Trap Terrarium would be things to please me greatly! Lol

I was determined to make sure that I kept a pictorial record of my presents, as both from my daughter were meant to develop over time. So I started to take photos of the Unicorn egg first, as it was supposed to be immersed in water, in order to grow.

Within hours of putting it into water, there was a crack in the egg, and, over the next few days, I’ve watched it grow and grow – I’m not sure how much more bigger it will get, but I’ll leave it a few more days more, just to see if it does. I beleive it shrinks back to the size it began with, if you take it out of the water, so I’ll be trying that, too.

I have to admit, for a child’s amusement, it’s kept me so, too 🙂

Unicorn Egg from Brex - 24-09-17

The Growth of My Unicorn

As for the Terrarium, ever since I saw the first photos of her carniverous plants, posted by a fellow Blogger The Snail of Happiness, I’ve really wanted to attempt to grow some myself – especially as we get plagued by midges and mosquitoes at certain times of the year, living near boggy ground as we do. The delight I felt, when I opened my second present from my daughter, knew no bounds! A Terrarium, and everything I needed to grow around 10 Venus Fly Trap Plants!

My daughter apologised, telling me that it would take some time for them to grow, but I knew already that it can take up to 3 years for a seed to grow into a fully mature plant and, stuck in bed for so much of my time, patience is the one thing I’ve learned really well.

I was all for starting straight away, but it turned out that I would need distilled water to plant my seeds, as Venus Fly Traps, as well as most carniverous plants, can’t tolerate a richly mineralised soil and, as my daughter’s shopping trip, locally, produced absolutely Nil in the way of the water, I had to succumb to going online, and I bought 10 litres of the stuff, just to make sure I always had it here for them – and there was the added bonus that I could use it for my crochet steamer, too!

As soon as the water turned up – on the day that my daughter had to leave, due to work commitments, unfortunately – I quickly placed the peat circle provided into the base of the terrarium, then added the 480ml of the distilled water specified. I couldn’t believe just how quickly that thin circle blew up and, before I knew it, there was enough peat to fill the base.

I then had to put the small blue stones provided into a container, so that I could swill them through, until every bit of dust was gone, then I carefully arranged them over the peat, in a swirly pattern, I then opened the seed pack, and gently poured the seeds  onto a creased piece of paper, then gently shook them so they landed as evenly as I could make them, on the peat.

The instructions then told me to put the lid on the terrarium, which I did, and to make sure I open it up once a day, to make sure plenty of air gets in – but to make sure the peat doesn’t dry out, which I’m doing every day now.

So I guess it’s now a waiting game, and I’ll know at least in a month or two, whether the seeds have germinated – and I’ll be taking photos to keep track of them as it happens – what a wonderful experiment my daughter thought of, to keep me amused, and to whet my appetite for learning about those strange plants, by watching them grow! 🙂

Venus Fly Trap Terrarium from Brex - 24-09-17

The Beginning of my Venus Fly Trap Terrarium

Oh, I was also provided with a tiny plastic Iguana in the kit, to put on the stones – are they to frighten away something, I wonder? Lol



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Shana Rae’s Challenge

I was looking at Shana Rae’s Blog earlier on: Shana Rae’s Books, and she wrote a challenge to her readers: To look at two pictures, and see what we could come up with from them.
I normally get my inspiration by just typing whatever comes into my mind – a sort-of stream-of-conscience writing, where odd ideas will pop into my mind as I write, but I have occasionally used pictures, mostly when I write poetry, so I thought I’d give it a go to write a very short story 🙂


Room 02

A breath of wind stirred the layers of dust as the door reluctantly opened. The squeal of  the hinges showed the years of neglect, and it seemed to Laura as if there were a miasma of gloom darkening a room that, in other circumstances, and long ago, had once been bright with lights and merriment.

As she looked around the ruins of her past, she sighed in despair, not knowing where to start first. The once loved glass-fronted cupboards, that had held the history of her family, were now gaping wide, some of them bereft of glass, and all of them covered with the neglect of ages. It seemed that people had sheltered in the house, and they had cared nothing for what the room had once been. She saw that some of the frames had been broken to use as kindling in the large stone fireplace that, in wintertime, had constantly held the warmth and light needed to chase away the cold.

Laura slowly walked into the room, and gingerly perched on a chair left abandoned in the middle of the room. It sat besides a round table, that held a few of the books that had been taken from the cupboards – at least these hadn’t been used for keeping a fire going, nor left strewn across the floor like the detritus of the ages!

Laura looked at the books, and realised that they were actually some of her favourite ones from childhood. The fairy tales written in them had been read to her by her parents at bedtime – a much-loved action that immediately brought back to her the sound of their voices, the laughter as her father deliberately changed the stories to suit them to her own wishes. She remembered those times, when her little family had spent long winter evenings  in front of the fire and, at Christmas, when the tree glittered with decorations, and piles of presents sat expectantly under it, just waiting for Christmas morning when they would all open just one present each, until her grandparents arrived for dinner. She remembered how even her grandparents would pile into the presents, excited as children themselves…….

Room 01

But those times were dead and gone, and Laura knew they would never come back again. She put down the book she had been holding while her memories played back to her, and sighed a weary sigh. She knew she had a lot to sort out if the house was to be made saleable, and sitting, thinking of a past long dead and buried, wasn’t helping it get done.

Brushing the dust from the book from her hands, Laura stood up again, and with a determined stride, she walked out of the room, ready to get the cleaning things needed to sort out those dusty old memories.


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Happy New Year Everybody :)

I’ve been absent most of the year, with health problems, operations, bereivements, and other stuff that tends to put a block on a person but, with just around an hour to go before 2016 starts, I figured it was time enough to wish everyone who calls on my blog a Very Happy New Year 🙂

I hope to be a good girl, and start posting again in the new year, especially as I haven’t actually stopped crocheting over this last year, so I’ve lots to show you 🙂

So, until my next post, I wish you every joy, happiness, and the peacefulness that comes with these things, for the new year to come 🙂


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I’ve Been Nominated for The Triple Award!

I’ve been kindly nominated for The Triple Award, by Nirvana, of

This is very nice for me, as I love that people are interested enough to read my Blog with any regularity 🙂

The three awards are, as follows:

I love this one, as it means someone has found something in my writing to inspire them. I was fortunate to have had an English teacher who did the same for me so, if I can encourage anyone, even a little bit, to write whatever is in their heart, then I’m happy to have passed on that inspiration given so freely to me 🙂


I absolutely love the idea of this award, not only for my own sake, but because it reminds me so much of my daughter. Her favourite quote comes from Oscar Wilde ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’ She took that quote to heart, and recently started up her own group, called ‘The Gutterstars Collective’, where she performs fire routines within plays. If anyone shines brightly, it is she 🙂


I love the idea of this award – it a definite feel-good thing! 🙂

Now, apparently, there are a few rules to accepting this triple award, and these are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Add the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to your post.
  3. Share seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate a list of bloggers who inspire you.
  5. Include this set of rules.

Right, so I have thanked Nirvana, who nominated me so, check 1.
I’ve posted the award itself onto my Blog (as above) – check 2.
Now, #3 says I have to share 7 things about myself – so here goes:

  1. I’m absolutely petrified of spiders! Intellectually, I know there’s nothing to be afraid of, but years of conditioning by a mother who screamed every time she saw one means I’m still terrified to absolute freezing whenever I see one!
  2. When I was about 10 (in the 70’s), I had a pet rock! Don’t ask me why – it was the thing at the time! I named it Boris, and kept it by my bedside, and didn’t do very much with it, as you might imagine 🙂
  3. Out of all the seasons, I prefer Autumn. Whether it’s because I was born in September, or whether it’s the smell of bonfires and rotting leaves, I’m not sure, but it’s the time of year I prefer to any other 🙂
  4. When I was young, my older sister, who was left-handed, wrote what we called mirror-writing, and we used to write each other ‘secret’ letters this way, convinced that nobody else had ever done the same (not realising our mother, too, was a lefty).
  5. I’m a total and utter sci-fi/fantasy addict, and am re-reading (for about the 10th time) the Anne McCaffrey-Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Powers That Be trilogy. I have every single book Anne McCaffrey has written, and am well on my way to having all of Elizabeth Scarborough’s too! They are definitely in my ‘keepers’ category, to be read, and re-read, as often as I feel like it – I never get tired of reading about space adventures, Unicorns, Dragons, and Cats! Lol
  6. When I was 3, I was nearly thrown into the public bonfire, on Guy Fawkes Night, that our family was attending at the time. It was only the quick wits of a stranger that the boys who tried it didn’t succeed! I’ve never enjoyed bonfire nights since 😦
  7. Despite being a total bookworm, I am now thoroughly, and utterly, addicted to Crochet! In the 16 months since I taught myself to crochet, I’ve managed to gather 4,000 patterns already – I’d need to live to be 1,000 to complete them all but, knowing me, it wouldn’t be possible anyway, as I can’t resist a new pattern, so I’d have to live forever to manage it – now that’s an idea! 🙂

As for #4 – here are just a few of the Blogs that I get inspiration from. These men and women are absolutely amazing writers:

23 Thorns – for his ability to make me laugh so much I could wet myself – plus, his wife writes the most amazing posts on historical stuff, which I love 🙂

Lizzi of Considerings – for her ability to make me laugh, or cry, with ease, as I read her amazing stories.

Christine of A Fly on our Chicken Coop Wall – for her ability to laugh at life, and keep her family and surroundings from falling into chaos.

Dyanne of I Want Backsies – for her fighting spirit, and her joy in life, that she shares with everyone.

Kristi of Thankful Me – for her ability to see all the good in life.

Clark of The Wakefield Doctrine – as he continues to shine the light onto our, sometimes disparate, characteristics.

Milly of Millyanna Trees – for her creativity – and for making my amazing Steampunk Owl.

Hannelore of Paper, Beads & Inspirations – for being such an amazingly talented friend, spiritual Sister, and all-round amazing human being.

Mikey of Knot Just Yarn: The Crochet Crowd Blog – for being the inspiration that drove me to teach myself to crochet 🙂

So, as I’ve also done #5 by writing all this, my work is done 🙂

Do feel free to go to all the different Blogs I’ve posted – you’ll be in for such a treat if you do 🙂

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November 8, 2013 · 6:57 am

RaggaRory’s First Festival . . .

Not content with a simple train ride from Wales to Bristol, RaggaRory has now been to his very first Festival 🙂

Brex took him with her when she went to the Secret Garden Party Festival and, while they were travelling there, Ragga made his very first friend – an Australian pink pig!


It’s so nice to meat – oops – I mean, meet you!

Once they got to the festival, Ragga lost little time in making some more friends – and making himself right at home, too . . . 



RaggaRory getting his first taste of Buckfast!



A good time was had by all 🙂

But, not having drunk alcohol before, Ragga got a bit carried away and, while all of his human friends went off to do their performance, he invited all of his new friends around for a drink and something to eat . . .

He didn’t think they’d miss the 3 bottles of Buckfast, and the chicken pieces the humans were saving for their supper . . .


He didn’t get into any trouble, though because, unknown to Brex, Ragga had made his very own groupie, who swore to protect him with her life . . . 


Becca swore she’d save all of her chums!

So, it’s nice to know that Ragga’s first festival has turned out to be a roaring success – though I’m a bit worried that I’ve not seen pink piggy since that first photo . . . it was chicken they were eating – wasn’t it?

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It came at last! :)

I got my certificate through at last and, although I was excited that it had come, I was also a little disappointed at how flimsy the paper was that it was printed on 😦

But, at least it’s here at last, and Hubby immediately went out to get a suitable frame for it, and it’s now hanging up on the living room wall 🙂

As I told you before, I’ve taken up crocheting to while away the time, and I have to say that I’m really delighted with how well I’ve taken to it. I know my work is still a bit rough around the edges, so-to-speak, but I’m really enjoying creating stuff that’s going to be useful to loved ones.

The first things I made were a series of headband/ear-warmers for my daughter, in a variety of colours, so she can keep her head and ears warm this winter. As she’s got a head full of dreads, she’s finding it difficult to find anything suitable to wear around them, and my stuff has really fit the bill, I’m glad to say 🙂
Here’s a picture of one of them:

This is made with a Dusky Lilac DK Acrylic Wool, and a 5.00mm hook.
The Yellow rose was made with the same gauge of wool and hook.
I got the patterns free from: 

The Rose pattern can be found at:

I also made her my first crocheted pair of fingerless loves, which she was really happy to get, as she had just given away her only pair to a Jamaican friend she’d met up with at her latest mini festival, and who was freezing cold in our so-delightful weather. Lol

They’re not perfect, but I didn’t think they were too bad for my first attempt, and Brex loves them, so that’s all that counts really 🙂

Here they are:

These were made with an Emerald Green DK Acrylic Wool and 4.00mm + 4.5 mm hooks.

I got the pattern from:

On the subject of crocheting, I’ve been searching the internet for projects to make, and have come up with enough stuff to keep me busy for the next 5 years! 🙂

I’ve also come across Plarn – yarn made out of all those useless carrier bags that take centuries to break down!

I actually made a big ball of it, just out of the bags we’ve got stored at the moment, and I plan to make a pair of long-sleeved fingerless gloves for my daughter, which she plans to use with a costume she’s making for her stilt-walking/fire dancing work. We’re both looking forward to see how they turn out, and I’ll put a photo of them on here – that’s if they turn out okay, of course! 🙂

It was our 29th wedding anniversary yesterday (8th) and, as most of our friends have to work, we decided to invite them over for a meal this Saturday just gone. A good family friend makes an awesome Rogan Josh curry, so we based our meal around that. The food turned out well, and we all had a great time. 

One of our friends, Hannelore – a fantastic craftswoman, had made me the most gorgeous jewellery set I’ve ever seen – a torc necklace that fits me perfectly, and a pair of lovely dangley earrings to match. 

My daughter took a picture of me wearing them, so I’m posting them for everyone to see (although the picture doesn’t do them the justice they deserve) – and also a link to Hannelore’s shop, where she’s got some awesome stuff up for sale, in a variety of mediums, and prices – you really should have a look, as I think her stuff is amazing!:

Here’s her Blog, where she shows how she makes some of her stuff, and also shows some of her artwork, which is also fantastic to see:

You can also ‘meet’ her at the following places:

I’m just going to finish off with a couple of pictures of my girl, waiting to do what she does best – dancing with her fire wings at the Burning Man Festival, which has just taken place in the USA 🙂

Brex getting ready to perform her fire dance.
Brex performing in front of the Burning Man

I’m so very proud of my girl! 🙂

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