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This is the main reason that I left the Jehovah’s Witnesses . . .

I read this post by and, having looked up the scriptures myself, I had to agree with the reasoning made.

Even when I first found out about the paedophilia problem within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, world-wide, and that the governing body were using the 2-Witness rule to counter any accusations made by a child, I couldn’t understand their insistence on using the Letter of the Law as an excuse!

Jesus taught us that people should always come first, and children should be especially protected, and this is what sickened me the most, when I was told that I should ‘Leave it to Jehovah’ to sort out the problem – and, far too many months onwards, the governing body is still using this excuse to cover their own blood guilt at protecting the paedophiles, while allowing children to suffer unnecessarily!

Every week, more half-truths and obfuscations*are spouted by these so-called ‘Men of God’, in defense of the indefensable, and it’s about time they were called out on it.

They consistently tell all the Witnesses that the ‘World’ is bad, and playing politics is even worse, but they are the best Politicians I’ve ever seen – well, they can certainly lie as well as every Tory Politician I’ve been hearing for the last 7 years!

Instead of hiding away in their multi-million pound compound (paid for by every Jehovah’s Witness who has ever given money, property, jewellery and anything else of value, over the years), maybe they should be doing as Jesus did, and protect the defenseless children in their Halls, by acknowledging that it’s a rare thing indeed, for a paedophile to allow a witness to his (or, indeed, her) crime!

Please click on the link, and read the post – you should find it interesting!

via: Allow Me to Disprove Watchtower’s “Two Witness” Policy Using Jesus, Some Grain, and a Withered Hand

*(Wikipedia: Obfuscation is the obscuring of the intended meaning of communication by making the message difficult to understand, usually with confusing and ambiguous language. The obfuscation might be either unintentional or intentional (although intent usually is connoted), and is accomplished with circumlocution (talking around the subject), the use of jargon (technical language of a profession), and the use of an argot (ingroup language) of limited communicative value to outsiders.)

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This is a New Me . . .

. . and I really don’t know how I’m developing as yet.


I spent too many years listening to some men in New York, telling me that I should have nothing to do with the World, and not enough time learning about everything happening around me – and then I woke up, after learning that those men in New York were more interested in protecting paedophiles, than the children they were supposed to be protecting!

It was quite a wake up call!

Then, before I could turn around, the UK was calling for a referendum, to decide whether to stay in the EU or not and, as it happens, because of a campaign of lies and deceit (on both sides, I have to add), the votes went with the Leave party – and what a can of worms that opened!


Now, when we joined the EU, I was just a young child, and all I recall about that, was my Mum up in arms, because the EU had decided that cucumbers, or bananas, or something of that nature, needed to be straighter (I may have misheard this, of course, but you get the picture, I hope?) and, suddenly, my pocket-money was given in Monopoly money, and I couldn’t buy as much as I used to with it! Lol

Fast forward all those years, where the EU and I were quite comfortable with each other (well, all right, I was comfortable with the EU – I don’t suppose it knows I’m alive! Lol) and I’ve been reading a ton of words about how things should have been, how they may be and, frankly, how nobody knows anything, but it’ll work out okay, won’t it?

Through all the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to learn what I can about those characters who are considered the movers and shakers – aka, our MP’s – because I was going to be voting – something I hadn’t done since the year I turned 18, and voted for a woman as, surely, a woman couldn’t make any worse a hash of things as the men have done – can she?


Anyway, I was reading, and reading, and getting seriously depressed at the dearth of choices we have for our Prime Minister, only to find that the choices have got ever smaller (please, God, don’t let it be Gove!)

Anyway, reading about the various party leaders, I was interested in what was said about Jeremy Corbyn. All I knew was that the Media, and practically every opposition MP, were having a real pop at him but, rather than putting me off the guy, the fact that he seemed to be universally hated by everyone who has had a hand in making the mess we’re in right now, decided me to try to find out what he was trying to achieve.

I was pleasantly surprised:)

After the 172 Labour MP’s tried to stage a coup against Jeremy Corbyn, I expected him to be forced into resigning, as so many politicians had done before him – but, no, he stuck around, and continued to promise the Labour Grass Roots that, if he did ever become Prime Minister, he would do his best to bring things around to the way they should be, where Labour will be about the people who voted for them.

I would love to see a Labour Party that really protects those that need it, whether through illness, disability, through age, or because jobs are presently few and far between.

We need a party that will deliver on their promises of public ownership of resources, rather than selling everything off to private companies with no accountability; we need our NHS back up to scratch, with more training places given free to local people who want to work as our future doctors and nurses; we need to be building more homes for those people who, through no fault of their own, can’t, and never will be able to, afford to buy their own and, as a consequence of that building work, they will generate more jobs! We need a party that will make taxes fair for everyone – including making the super-rich companies, presently hiding behind unfair tax laws, cough up what they owe to a country that has provided their work forces, their raw materials in a lot of cases, and the land that the buildings they occupy stand on!

We also need to put a stop to the awful xenophobia currently splashing its way around the country – and this a country that has been made up of practically every nation in Europe, from the distant past, to the present day – plus all those Commonwealth countries, that were forcibly put under the yoke of the British Empire, had all their wealth stolen away, and were forced into slavery, to help make a few Elite even wealthier than they already were!

I digress!

Anyway, if Jeremy Corbyn can get the Labour Party turned back to its original purposes, and can then help to protect us all from the idealogically-driven ideas of this present lot, then we may actually get back some of that spirit that drove the working man to better his lot in the first place – not by climbing over the bleeding backs of others to get only what we want, but standing on the shoulders of those who came before them, with the dream of making life  – maybe not easier, but certainly better than it’s been for at least the last few decades.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’d love to see our MP’s get away from seeing themselves as Career Politicians, or as a way to line their pockets with whatever they can squeeze out of an unaware electorate – and I mean that for every Party!

I would love to see the Politician doing the job they are paid for – protecting the rights of the people of this country, no matter what race, colour, or creed they happen to be!

I guess time will tell, but I hope that, in the meantime, someone will work out what we’re going to actually do about the pickle we’re in at the moment!



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Ten Things of Thankful # 17


Mum on her 70th Birthday, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

This week has been full of terrible lows, when our family truly thought we’d lose Mum, and then amazing highs, as she turned a corner, and so very quickly came back to us.

My 10 things of thankful are dedicated to this:

  • I thank God that my Mum has survived, and is now on the road to recovery
  • I thank the doctors and nurses, once more, for their exemplary care where Mum was concerned. They battled long and hard to bring her back from the brink of death, and their fight was well worth it, as Mum suddenly turned a corner, and has made a rapid recovery so far 🙂
  • I’m thankful for all the support I’ve had from family and friends, and the concern and good wishes everybody sent us all over this awful time.
  • I’m thankful for the prayers made by so many people all across the world – and I’m totally convinced this helped in my Mum’s recovery – Mum was so very touched by this, when I told her 🙂
  • I’m thankful that Dad will have his love home with him very soon, as he’s not coped well without her 🙂
  • I’m thankful that Mum has survived to share another wedding anniversary with Dad. They will be married for 58 years on 27th of this month 🙂
  • I’m so very, very thankful that I was able to talk to Mum on the phone yesterday. I have to admit I sobbed my heart out with the relief of it all once we’d finished talking! 🙂
  • I’m also so very thankful to Alexander Fleming, who discovered the antibiotic uses of Penicillin in 1928. I’m so very much aware that, without it, neither myself, nor my Mum, would be here now!
  • I’m thankful for living at a time where all of this was possible!
  • I’m thankful, lastly,  for living where there is a free National Health Service still. There are many people all over the world who lose their lives, needlessly, because they have no access to a free health service, and I’m very much aware of how fortunate I am to live in a country where we have this. There is a huge amount of criticism for our poor, benighted services but, when it really counts, they are there for us, as they have been for me, since my birth 🙂

Thank you all, so very much, for your messages of concern for me over this last week. I appreciate it, and was comforted to know that you cared so much 🙂


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Ten Things of Thankful #16

I didn’t write a post last weekend. That was because I was busy getting ready for my parent’s first visit to my home in 25 years.

My brother was to bring them across the UK, from East Anglia, to the west coast of Wales, and we were all set to have an amazing time together, where I could hug them for the first time in 6 years (since my last visit to them, before I got too ill to travel).

I was woken up on Sunday morning, when we were expecting them to arrive, and I thought hubby was going to tell me that they had arrived early – but, instead, it was to the news that Mum had been up all night coughing and, that morning, was rushed into hospital coughing up blood!

As you can imagine, I was immediately on the phone to my brother, who had phoned hubby with the news. Mum was in intensive care, and having problems breathing. Her blood pressure kept falling through the floor, and she was in a very, very bad way.

I’ve spent this week, alternately praying like mad for her improvement, and on the phone, or on facebook, talking to my brother, and various sisters, trying to find out what’s wrong.

It turns out that Mum has got pneumonia, caused by a massive invasion of a streptococcal bacterial infection in her lungs that is, apparently, and according to the medics, eating one of her lungs away. The hospital had put her in the CAT scan while trying to find out what the problem was, and saw this – as well as the fact that she’s got a tumour on her kidney that nobody knew about 😦

The biggest problem that the medics have got, is the fact that they needed to do a biopsy, although I’m still not clear whether this is in order to find out which strain of the streptococcal bacteria Mum has got, or for the tumour – but my brother thinks it’s so they can target the infection with the correct antibiotic, otherwise they can only give her an overload of general antibiotics, and hope they do the job.

Another problem they have, is that my Mum’s heart is very weak, and so they can’t put her under anaesthetic to do the biopsy and, because she’s also on Warfarin, that’s a problem, too – so our family have spent this week praying, and hoping, and praying, and crying, and praying even more, in the hopes that there will be some improvement.

There isn’t any right at the moment, so any prayers for Mum’s recovery will be very welcome.

Because of all this, I was going to avoid doing the TToT today – but then I thought hard about it, and realised that there were some things to be thankful for – so here they are:


  • I’m thankful that my Mum is still alive, and still fighting.


  • I’m thankful for the emergency services that got her to hospital so quickly.


  • I’m thankful for all the doctors and nurses who are working so hard to keep Mum alive.


  • I’m thankful that my family are keeping me in the loop as, living 360-odd miles away, and being unable to travel myself, I’ve felt like I was 1,000 miles apart from them all.


  • I’m thankful for my brother, who, apart from being my parent’s official carer, has gone beyond any duty of care he might have for our parents, and has taken on all of the responsibilities of the Head of our Clan while Mum and Dad can’t – and is having to deal with all the negative stuff on the front line, as well as informing our huge, and extended, family – daily – of Mum’s progress, while also trying to keep Dad sane, as poor Dad tries to cope with the love of his life being so very ill.


  • I’m thankful that Mum’s still alive – this bears saying time and time again!


  • I’m thankful for my faith, which has helped to keep me sane throughout all of this!


  • I’m so very, very thankful that Mum’s still fighting – she gave us all her streak of stubbornness, so we’re praying that it helps to keep her going.


  • I’m thankful that, despite his own health concerns, my Dad is still able to go to be with Mum – as much as the hospital will allow, anyway.


  • I’m thankful for the love and support hubby has been giving me throughout      this awful week – I don’t know what I would have done without it.


I don’t know what will happen now, but I can only wait, and hope, and pray, that Mum will pull through all of this – please mention her in your prayers, too?

Her name is Gill, and she has always been a fighter, so we’re hoping that she can win this one, too!


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10 Things of Thankful . . .

 . . . . are sometimes very hard to find, let alone think about.
When life starts handing you the pits, instead of the cherries, all the stuff that can weigh you down can get in front of what’s still good in your life. 

But, if you just take a few minutes, and try to think of the pluses, instead of the minuses, it’s amazing how many things you can come up with.
So here are my cherries:

I’m thankful that God had such a sense of humour that he made me. I know he has a sense of humour, because I do, too, under all the pits 🙂

Start as you mean to go on? 🙂

I’m thankful that I was given the gift of carrying a child for 9 months under my heart. Having been told I’d never have children, this was such a gift for me that I still thank God every day for my beautiful, amazing girl 🙂

Hubby, & Brex at 1 hour old 🙂

I’m thankful for a husband who is so unselfish that he always puts myself and our child before himself. My hubby is an amazing man, and we will be married for 30 years in October – and I love him even more than I did at the beginning and, even better, he loves me like that, too 🙂

True Love 🙂

I’m thankful for a warm, dry house. We lived in so many places that were falling down around our ears – houses that weren’t that old, but so badly built that we had to battle mould or drafts all the time. We now live in a 300 year old house that is as warm, and snug, as we need, and wanted 🙂

Fred, guarding the house 🙂

I’m thankful for the gift of love that our dog, a Jack Russell Terrier called Fred Barker, gives unstintingly to us. He will be 19 next march. He is as deaf as a post, and is so arthritic he has a job stepping over the tiny lip on his bed but, the minute he sees either of us, his tail wags, and he gives us that amazing doggy smile we fell in love with when we first rescued him 18 years ago. 

Fred, aged 10.

I’m thankful for our cat, Kushka, who was rescued as a tiny kitten. We took her into our home, and our hearts, when she was barely 6 weeks old, and had to keep feeding her replacement milk for a month as she had been in such a bad way. She’ll be 5 next birthday, and she is my constant companion, lying as close beside me as she can – she has always seemed to be aware that sitting on me would only bring pain. She purrs like an engine when pain takes me over, as if she is trying her best to soothe me, and she has always been there for me, no matter what.

Kushka, breaking in the new cover I crocheted 🙂

I’m thankful for the gift of crochet. I hadn’t crocheted before I started to learn last July, and had got into a bad place in my head when I’d had to give up knitting and cross-stitch, as my hands couldn’t cope with either any more, so to find that I was able to hold a crochet hook enough to use it, was a fantastic thing to happen to me 🙂

My Spring Fling cushion cover.

I’m thankful for the internet, as it took me out of myself, and brought a world full of the most amazing people into my life, and into my heart. After I got housebound, the world became a very drab place, as I had come from a large family, so was used to company, and noise, and all the other things that come with family life. I had always loved visiting all of our many friends homes, and going places and seeing people whenever I chose to, so to be housebound was a kind of torture for me but, once I had the internet in my home, it opened up a world of possibilities I couldn’t have imagined – and also enabled me to keep in touch with my daughter, wherever in the world she goes 🙂

Brex, in an Amazonian village, in Peru 🙂

I’m thankful for the bounty of things that surround me, for internet shopping, for a free health system that is very much needed for me now, for the chance to be able to do what I can to stay focussed on the future, so that I can stay true to myself, and true to God.

Me, on our 29th wedding anniversary 🙂

I’m thankful for the chance to have lived this life that I have – whether good or bad! To have been born in a time, and a place, where women are able to make whatever life they dream of, and for the chance to be able to have my voice heard all around the world.


Ten Things of Thankful



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Wishing you Peace and Joy in the coming new year!

I hope that all who read this will find Peace, Joy and much Love in the coming new year.

May God keep you all in His care 🙂

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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