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It’s definitely becoming a bit of the Tortoise and Hare scenario here :/

I have to confess that I put all my books away for a few days – firstly, to recover from yet another cluster migraine, but also more in the hope that I could look at them with fresh eyes when I got back to them again but, alas, it didn’t work, and I’m still creeping along, well behind so many of my fellow travellers in this particular course ūüė¶

I was fairly good today, and have caught up on my Study Guide activities, and most of my Course Text activities, but I’m still no closer to writing my TMA, I’m ashamed to say. Procrastination is becoming a bit of a habit for me where this is concerned, but I’m going to have to get back on track, and soon, or I’ll never read enough to complete this next TMA.

This course book that Carter wrote is becoming a bit of a weight on my conscience as, with each day that it remains closed, I’m feeling a terrible guilt at not trying harder to understand what he’s trying to say to me – but¬†I¬†think I need to be the¬†Minotaur¬†to follow all the complex twists and crazy routes in this maze of a book!

While I was talking to my tutor at the Elluminate tutorial, she commented on the fact that I kept referring to my course work as a journey. I hadn’t realised that I was doing this but, on thinking about it, I guess I do look at it that way.

It has been a long journey for me, this learning lark, and it’s one I stepped out on with much¬†trepidation, six years ago. There have been times when my road was direct and smooth, with nothing to disturb me, so that I had time to look out at the pretty scenery, and smell the scent of success coming towards me. But there have also been times when the road became steep and curved, where I had to slow down or lose my way – but this is the first time I’ve really felt as if I were lost, and without a signpost in sight.¬†

I guess it’s time for me to stop for a minute, get out the road maps, and plan a route that will guide me back to the path I was on as, being so near the end of my journey, it is so very frustrating to have got so lost!

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