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And another parcel arrives . . .

There was a loud knock at the door, and hubby went to see who it was, and there, holding a largish box, was a delivery man from a firm called Yodel.

This isn’t a delivery firm I’m familiar with, but hubby signed for the box, then saw it was for me. As I knew I hadn’t ordered anything from Amazon or eBay (my usual online shops when I want to buy something – normally books!), I was puzzled as to what it could be.

Imagine my surprise to see, once hubby had managed to open the box for me, all my new course books, guides, and CD-Roms sitting there! I was delighted that they’d come so early, as it means I’ve now got two sources to be able to read, no matter what my health is like.

Further to my last post, I’d said how delighted I was with the O.U., as they’d gone out of their way to provide me with alternative sources of my course books, as soon as I’d let them know I had health problems, and now I had been delivered of comb-bound versions of these, too. 

Any book that is over a certain length, is automatically broken down into smaller sections, and then comb-bound, which means that, when I’m able to handle my books, I’m not having to struggle with large and heavy tomes, but smaller sectioned parts. This makes my life so much easier, and the fact that the O.U. get them sent out in such good time is a real bonus for me 🙂

When I first started studying with the O.U., I’d started with 10-point courses, to help me get back into study mode, but the instant I’d booked my first 60-pointer and, in a questionnaire sent to me, had informed them of my health issues, I was contacted, and asked if I needed an assessment, as the Uni would then be able to see what was needed to help me function properly as I studied.

Out of that assessment, I became the proud owner of my very first laptop, along with the Dragon Naturally Speaking software that enabled me to be able to continue to write my essays, even when my hands were too bad with the arthritis to be able to use the keyboard! 
As well as this, I was given a brilliant book-chair, to hold any of my course books open for me when studying. I was also fitted with a very up-to-date chair, one that was ergonomically shaped, so that I had the best support I could need while using my computer. I was also provided with a special roller-ball mouse, which means that I don’t need to keep physically moving it. Just very light touches to the roller-ball, and my cursor moves just where I need it to be!

These aides have made such a difference to the amount of time I can study!

Admittedly, my health has got even worse over the years, and I’m only able to study in short bursts of 10-20 minutes at a time now, before I need to rest, but all these aides make the difference between being able to continue studying, or having to give up on my aim of getting my BA (Hon).

So now, I’m on the brink of studying my very last course – or module, as they call them now – and, probably quicker than I can imagine right now, I will be writing my final End-of-module Assessment, then waiting anxiously to see if I’ve passed it.

If I do, I won’t be doing the awards ceremony thing, but I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I have completed something started, very nervously, around six years ago – and something I’d dreamed of doing many years ago while in my teens, but didn’t get the chance to do.

All thanks to The Open University! 🙂



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