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This is my first time attempting to do a BA as a student at the O.U., and at attempting to write a blog! (gulp).

After 25 years of nothingness, I decided to fire up a few of the ‘old grey cells’, and attempt a course at the O.U. – and was I glad I did!
I have been amazed at how much I had forgotten about everything since leaving school, and came to my first 10-pointer course with much trepidation – only to find how much learning was a delight to me!
I have completed the A174: Start Writing Fiction, which I got a very healthy pass on (thankfully!), and also the A175: Start Writing Poetry (also a good pass), which I thoroughly enjoyed!
I am now attempting a ‘proper’ 60-pointer, the A(ZX)103: An Introduction to the Humanities, where I have been quickly introduced to the ‘delights’ of Art History (which I enjoyed), Sonnets (which I loved), Music (loved the sound, hated the analysis), and Philopastry (oops! Philosophy!), which I managed to get my head around after a few false starts.
My next Block will be all about the Collosium, so I’m sort-of looking forward to it, as I’ve always been fascinated with the romans – well, we’ll see how this goes!
I’ll let you all know how I get on.

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