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Hitting a brick wall!

I’m having a real job getting on with Block 3 of my course!
It’s supposed to be about Primary Sources, and Witting & Unwitting testimony, and we’ve been given a ton of information about the French Revolution to learn and practise on.
The trouble I’m having, is the fact that I’ve never had to do anything like this before, and I’m having a real job trying to seperate the facts of the Revolution from the clever stuff in sourcing!
I got to the point where I had to send out a cry of help to my tutor, who is away on holiday at the moment!
I’m very fortunate in having a caring & considerate tutor, who happily got in touch with me with reassurance and advice, so I’m hopeful that, after our scheduled tutorial on friday, I’ll be able to get on with this block, & then onwards to the next!
Here’s hoping! lol

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