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On, on with A172!

Well, my new 10-pointer course has started – and a great time was had by all! lol
No, seriously, the course looks prety good, with me having to do a series of activities, which are all designed to bolster my knowledge of essay writing – and I’m enjoying them so far.
The course is divided into 5 blocks of two weeks, with two separate weeks reserved for the 2 TMA’s I need to do to pass the course, so it’s all relatively straightforward! :~))
My daughter started at the same time as myself, although she’s in a different tutorial group – but we’ve decided to be study-buddies, which is fine as we don’t live in the same house – and there will definately be no cheating with me being a Witness! lol
Talking of which, I spent a great weekend, 4th & 5th Nov., at Fishguard, for one of our two-day assemblies – it was the best one yet for me, being the first anniversary of my very first assembly, but rather nerve-wracking as I was on the platform giving my experience of becoming a Jehovah’s Witness. Everyone was very kind, as they always are, and there was another Baptism, so we have a new sister in our congregation – she was welcomed as much as I had been in March – it was lovely to see
Well, I guess I’d better get back to the drawing board, and get on with my OU work – it’s amazing the things we all find to do as study-avoidance, isn’t it? lol

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