Frustration City!

Do you ever get the feeling that, if you start to scream, then you’d probably never stop? I must confess to getting close – this continuous illness is driving me mad, as it’s interfering with every aspect of my life!
I’ve started on my next Block with A210 – Literature and Gender – and will have to buckle down soon to seriously start on work for TMA 05. With this one, I have to study The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, and then choose another piece of prose fiction – I’m choosing ‘Girl’ by Jamaica Kincaid – then I have to discuss the relationship between rebellion and conformity, and how it affect the two texts – all in 1500 words!
I had seen the film of TCP before, and had loved it. Whoopi Goldberg impressed me no end with her role as Celie, but to read the book for the first time was a joy! It utterly took my attention by storm, and I couldn’t put it down until it ended (I’m now on my second read of it, and starting the proper study process).
Alice Walker’s story of Celie, Nettie and Shug Avery, and all they had to bear with the men in their lives, put my problems in their proper perspective – it’s quite humbling when you read of the things that people have to bear in their lives, and how they either overcome them, or get swamped by them.
Now, I know this is a work of fiction, but I guess the things that were suffered were, and probably still are, being endured all over the world right at this moment, and it makes me feel grateful, and humble, for all the privileges I’ve had in my life, despite the ill-health!
The second piece of prose fiction, ‘Girl’, is a short piece – a stream-of-consciousness passage, that I loved as soon as I read it. It has very similar themes to TCP, although in a severely reduced format, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to synchronise the two into a legible and, hopefully, interesting essay – the one problem I’ll have – as usual – will be the 1500 word limit! lol
Well, I guess I’d better stop procrastinating, and get back to the coursework I’m supposed to complete before I do the TMA – it’s amazing what we students will think of to do, rather than get down to the sometimes boring, sometimes frustrating, but always necessary study!
By the way – I’m on day 9 of the Emu Oil Capsules – no change yet, but the girl who recommended them said it’d take at least 10 days to show any effects – so I’ll keep you posted as to any change.

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