Puss is renamed!

Well, we didn’t continue with the name Dylan for long!
Within a day, we had started calling our newest family member either Tomkins, or Pusskins – and Tomkins seems to have stuck!
I don’t know why the name Dylan didn’t suit him – but it didn’t, – so we are going with what feels more comfortable now. The funny thing is, our daughter had said to us to wait a week or so before deciding on a final name, as he would show us what his name was to be – and she was totally right – so, a week later, Tomkins it is! (grin)
As far as Tomkins is concerned, he has settled beautifully into our home, although he’s still growling at the dogs every time they come into the house – much to their disgust! lol
But we are hoping that time will mellow him towards the dogs, so that we can let him roam freely while the dogs are about – at the moment, we are having to put him into his sleeping cage whenever the dogs are in the house, which he has become quite resigned to, but which we hate to do but, as our dogs won’t tolerate an aggresive cat, we felt it was safer all round, until Tomkins adjusts to the presence of the dogs. :~/
Trust us to have animals that do things the wrong way around!

By-the-by, I recieved a letter from the O U yesterday, acknowledging my grade 2 pass for A210 – so it’s totally official now – Yay! lol

Talk to you again soon – and I hope you all enjoy your holidays! (smile)

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