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A bit Late In The Day!

I’ve been very lax this month with my blogging – in fact, I’ve managed to do zilch!

Considering I’m fully booked up to start the Creative Writing course in late September, I should be ashamed of myself – the sooner I get into the habit of writing something creative each day, the better! lol

I had a feeling of satisfaction last week when I sent off my course registration papers – I’m now fully registered for the course, so I’m going to have to start going on to the Open Learn site, where a few chapters of the BRB (Big Red Book – or the course book to non-A215ers),are situated, and where I can make a head start in my writing – I’m hoping it’ll give me a boost to start the old creative juices flowing again!

On a totally different tack, I’m actually going to my monthly jaunt to the cinema again tommorrow. Myself, my daughter, and our friend are going to see Nim’s Island, something we’ve all been looking forward to seeing – I really hope that it’s as good as the trailers have made us believe it to be – I’ll let you know once we’ve seen it!

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