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Almost A Month On . . .

This photo was taken on the 3rd, and shows that Kushka has already become comfortable with her new home. There was no hesitation at all when she first started to explore her surroundings – and this hasn’t changed a jot since!

This photo was taken on the 15th, and really shows how bright-eyed and full of energy Kushka can be.

This photo was taken on the 23rd, just a few weeks after Kushka came to our home – and what a difference she has made to it!

Kushka is a bundle of fur and energy, and doesn’t stop moving all the time she’s awake (and, luckily, she does have frequent snoozy breaks! Lol)

It has been fascinating watching her develop and become such an adventurous puss, and she doesn’t seem to have even one nervous bone in her body, which we were so pleased about. I’ve been taking weekly photos of her, to try and map her development, both physically, and otherwise, and it has been the hardest thing I’ve done, to restrain myself to those photo sessions, otherwise my computer would already be full of nothing but photos of Kushka!

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