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I know – I digress, again!

I was introduced to a new member of the family yesterday.
Her name is Kushka Mistyeyes (Squeak for short!), and she is exactly 9 weeks old today!
I had a phone call from a very good friend, Marion, who rescues dogs, but also ends up with any other animal that is abandoned or about to be put to sleep for no obvious reason, and she told me that she had an abandoned female kitten to find a home for.
Well, as I had lost my darling Tomkins, I couldn’t resist so, yesterday, Marion turned up with said kitty – and, once again, I fell in love!
Kushka is a silver tabby, and has already managed to wrap my hubbie’s heart around her tiny, but very sharp, claws!
I’m not sure how she will affect my studying but, as my next course doesn’t start until september, and it is a creative writing course anyway, I guess she will be a good influence, and a great inspiration for any writing that needs to be done!

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