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My TMA results are back!

Well, I got my results at last – a healthy 72% – and, while they were good, I was disappointed that I hadn’t done nearly as well as my previous TMA.
I guess it’s picky of me, but I had worked so hard on these poems, and it makes me feel that I’m not as good as I’d hoped to be.

Anyway, I’ll post my poems on here, and you can decide for yourselves – I guess that will be the only way I’ll know for sure!

Free Flight

I gaze across the landscape of a purple-headed mountain,
my eyes are drawn above it to a speck of moving air.

I strain to make out what the shape could be, and then I realize –
a female Golden Eagle is the form that hovers there.

Go softly, gallant creature, to your lofty mountain aerie,
keep right away from places that all men have seized upon.

Go guard against his greed and lust for fragile, speckled treasure,
make all tomorrow’s children safe, until the men have gone.

You fly so high up in the sky, that you can touch the glory
of God’s kind face, and now the race to live is carried on.

A Clock

Faint smell of plastic,
and a tic-tock noise,
numerals around the face are luminous.

First hand, second hand,
marking us in time –
reaching gently forward
in a metronomic rhythm.

This becomes a race against time’s normal pace.
Sending seconds swiftly back into the past

Ticking time goes forward now,
slicing sharp as knives.

I wrote the third poem (not shown here) On The Trapeze for my daughter, who has just started learning trapeze work, and will start her training in earnest this summer. She had been trying to describe how she feels whilst up there, and this poem started to develop from that. I chose the Villanelle as the form to put it in, as it held the right shape for me to express my daughter’s words to me.

I hope you enjoy the poems! 🙂

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