Busy, busy, busy!

I hardly seem to have time to draw breath at the moment!

Apart from getting on with the activities in the BRB, I’ve managed to complete my TMA 04 piece, after twiddling with it until I wanted to scream.
I’ve now got some sort of idea as to what I want to do for the poetry side of my ECA although, having the idea, and actually doing it competently, are two different things at the moment! Lol
I’ve also got a ghost of an idea for TMA05, but it’s too vague at the moment for me to air it, unless it gets blown away by a breeze.

To add to this, my stepdaughter has contacted me at last, after years of waiting for her to find us, so there’s lots to catch up on, and visits to organise! Lol

It’s never dull in this household! Lol

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