I’ve got a date for publishing!

At last!

I received an email this morning, from the publisher of the anthology, ‘Poetry By Moonlight’, telling me that it will be released in September. I can’t wait to receive my copy, and read my poem On The Trapeze.

Obviously, I can read the poem any time I choose, but to see it in a professionally bound anthology is going to be brilliant! Lol

Not only that, but the other poem of mine to be published, St David Was Born Here, is to be published in November, in the anthology, ‘A Guiding Light’.

All it needs now, is for me to hear from the magazine publishers I sent my very first sci-fi story out to, to see if they have accepted it!

A girl can dream, can’t she? {g}

In the email, United Press were telling me that they’ve got another poetry competition going:

There’s a £100 first prize in the open competition, Fact and Fantasy. You can enter by post or email and make sure you put “Fact and Fantasy” at the top of your entry. Your poem can be on any subject you like but must be no more than 160 words or 20 lines, and you can’t use “Fact and Fantasy” as the title. Send your entries now because this competition closes in September.

Also, there’s a £1000 prize to the winner of their annual Local Poem competition. You must put “Local Poem” at the top of your entry and the theme must be someone or something local. For example, last year’s winner was a poem about two cooling towers. The previous year’s winner was a poem about a river, and three years ago, the winner was about village life.

You could write a poem about a famous person or even a member of your family, living or dead. You could write a poem about your local bus driver or your greengrocer. The same length limitations apply to this competition.

Here’s the link to their website with all the rules and regs, etc:


Best of luck to everyone that puts something into it! Lol.

P.S. Only 10 more days before I find out my ECA results!

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