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The Waiting Gets Tough . . .

Ooh, I’ve really been slack with my blog, haven’t I? 🙂

To be fair, with the Christmas period coming, and a visit from my daughter, before she went on to work in Peru, I’ve not had much of a chance to come on here (excuses, excuses. Lol).

Anyhoo, I finished writing my script, managed to write a half-legible commentary for it, fine-tuned my references, and sent it off a day earlier than the cut-off date. So now I wait, with a touch of anxiety, to hear what sort of mark I’ll be getting for it. :/
The wait’s bound to be for a couple of weeks, as our tutor is also doing another course, and I shan’t expect a miracle as she, too, needs to catch up after the winter break.

In the meantime, I should be getting on with the next section of the course book, in readiness for TMA 03 – but I find myself dithering and digressing constantly.

I guess this is because I’m really not keen on doing the next TMA – we have to find some work  by a fellow student in our tutorial group, posted from any part of the course, and critique it. The work has to have had some comment on it by our tutorial group, then the results of that commentary, whether a re-working, or a denial of that need by the author of it, and then our reaction to that re-working etc.

Unfortunately, there is very little that actually fits the bill as, like all the other tutorial groups for this course, very few people have actually posted follow-ons from their work. I did so, but I’m not allowed to comment on my own work.  
There are a couple of students who also co-operated, so I’ll have to choose one, or both of them, to critique.
This, then, brings me to another point – I haven’t done any serious critiquing for a couple of years, so am extremely rusty at it, which then also brings on worries as to the problem of, ‘will my work be good enough for at least a pass?’
Oh, the worries and frustrations of the mature student! {g}

I’ve decided to clear my head a bit by doing a bit of free-writing, and seeing what comes of it. Hopefully, this will settle me back down, and then I can continue on with the course-work as I should be doing.

Here’s hoping, anyway! Lol

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