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Ups and Downs . . .

Well, it was definitely a week of ups and downs for me this week!

The virus is still hanging about like an unwelcome guest at a party, and I’ve got no energy whatsoever, but I’m slowly but surely struggling along with my studies. 

I’m managing it by doing 10 minutes here, and 15 minutes there, and just doing what I can, when I can.
Unfortunately, I’m not absorbing as much as I would like, which means I’ll be having to go over it all again to do my TMA – but I guess I’m getting used to having to do this now 😦

On a high point, I’ve finished the section on Tom’s Midnight Garden, and have  actually started reading Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry (ROTHMC) again, as I had read it once in the summer when my books arrived, so at least I’m only a day or two behind schedule! 🙂

Both Hubby and I are going around feeling like wet rags, and we’re just hoping like mad that this virus goes away soon. Mind you, at least I haven’t got the ragged cough that Hubby has – one of the benefits of giving up smoking nearly 5 years ago now! Lol

I have to admit that, as much as I am enjoying this module, I am finding it the hardest to concentrate on out of all of them – now all I need is for my mind to clear enough to do the job I want it to! :0))

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